Tim Kaine Duped by ‘Fake News’ Report About Ohio State University Terrorist

Another Islamic terrorist attack on American soil took place on Monday and initial media reports were that there was an “active shooter” on the loose at Ohio State University and that several people had been injured.

Anti-Second Amendment rights activists and leftstream media were seemingly giddy at the news that a dirty old gun was used, rather than a bomb or other destructive device. “At least we can demogogue against gun rights and fundraise off it,” you could almost hear Democrat Party operatives secretly scheming to attack the Bill of Rights.

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Even Democrat Senator Tim Kaine , Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, was duped by the “fake news” that a gun was used in the Ohio State terrorist attack, which is disappointing for a progressive leftist Democrat — sad for them, actually — because they then aren’t able to blame an inanimate object — the gun.

Kaine immediately took to Twitter Monday, “saddened” by what progressive leftists call “gun violence,” a hint that if we’d just take away guns from law abiding citizens that somehow all evils in the country would magically vanish and utopia would be near.

To his credit, Tim Kaine later supplemented the tweet saying that “updated reports say attacker used a vehicle and a knife,” which by the way is what ISIS instructed their little demons to do when guns would be difficult to use to conduct Islamic terror.

But as word came out that the Ohio State University attacker was a Muslim refugee from Somali, no such outrage from Kaine or his progressive leftist ilk. No outrage over “car violence” or “knife violence” for some odd reason. Nor did Tim Kaine take the time to correct the record and place blame where it’s due — radical Islamic terrorism.

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