TIME Magazine is Now an ISIS Propagandist with this Latest Move

Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, real estate magnate, and reality TV star, has come under fire from those on both sides of the political aisle due to his call “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Trump made this statement after it was revealed that Tashfeen Malik, one of the Muslim terrorists responsible for the terrorist attack in San Bernardino used a fake address on her K-1 visa application. In addition, she had ties to a controversial imam and radical mosque in Islamabad. Yet, she was allowed into the country.

It is being said that Trump’s stance will be used as a recruiting tool for ISIS. But, if anything could serve as a recruitment tool for Obama’s JV team, ISIS, it would be the actions of the once respected but now just a blatant leftist rag TIME magazine.

On Wednesday, TIME announced their person of the year. While their selection for the top spot is German chancellor Angela Merkel it is who is second on the list that should enrage people around the world.

TIME’s runner-up for person of the year is the head of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

If anything would qualify as something that might be used as a recruitment tool for ISIS, or any terrorist group, it would be this runner-up pick for person of the year by TIME magazine. Yet, there has been no outrage from anyone on either side of the political aisle over this. There has been no lecture on the recklessness of such a pick by Barack Obama or Josh Earnest.

There is no call for the entire editorial board of TIME magazine to step down. There have been no complaints that TIME’s actions might put America and the world in danger. There’s no call for a boycott of TIME magazine for this pick, which is highly insensitive to James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and all the other who have lost their lives at the hands of ISIS.

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Not only has Trump been called un-American, but Obama’s paid liar, Josh Earnest, has announced that Obama’s White House does not believe that Trump is qualified to be president based upon his belief that Muslim immigration should be halted until our vetting process is fixed. What they don’t want anyone to remember is that Democrat icon Jimmy Carter ceased all travel by Iranians to America during the Iran hostage crisis. Beyond that, he made all Iranians in the country on student visas check in with the government. A total of 7,000 were found to be in violation of their visas. There were 15,000 Iranian students that were ultimately deported back to Iran.

Laughably, Earnest cited the oath to defend and protect the Constitution taken by a person when they are sworn in as president as reason, claiming that Trump’s stance is unconstitutional, except it isn’t. This is the same person who has defended time and time again the unconstitutional, dictatorial actions of his boss for years. But, I digress.

If there is a real concern that Trump’s stance on Muslim immigration to America will cause a national security issue without accurate vetting procedures, then we should be seeing an uproar over TIME magazine’s reckless runner-up choice for person of the year. If we do not, then this entire uproar over Trump’s remarks are based more on political posturing and the desire of the Democrats and establishment Republicans to cause Trump to tumble in the polls and leave the presidential race than anything else.

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