To Lavoy Finicum: An Open Letter About an American Hero

This is an open letter to Americans everywhere. I have never been more awake than I am right now! Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum is a true American Patriot and a hero who gave his life for the freedom of others.

I feel deep inside my soul that I need to share how his death, and the events that led up to it, has affected me, as someone who did not know this man personally but as someone he reached through his fight for freedom. LaVoy was a man of profound principles and an amazing human being.


A Tribute of LaVoy’s Personal Items



Media Lined Up To Photograph The Casket Leaving The Church

LaVoy Finicum was more than just a cowboy with principles who stood up for what he believed in. He was a man that all of us should strive to be like. At his funeral, one of LaVoy’s daughters spoke about a quote her dad shared with her.

“Several years ago my dad shared this quote with me. It says a good man draws a circle around him and in it he cares for his family, his wife and his children. A great man draws a larger circle including his brothers, his friends and protects them as he would his family. But then there is a rare man who has a special destiny. His circle extends beyond boundaries to include the world of innocents who lack the will to defend themselves.”

She thinks it quite evident who her dad was.

That quote was simply prophetic! The quote was, I am sure, just a sampling of the kind of man LaVoy was.


American Flag Standing Strong Outside The Church


American Pride In Full Effect

For me personally, the moment I saw LaVoy on television being interviewed, I was instantly connected to him. As the reports came out of Oregon, I believed almost immediately that LaVoy’s group had been ambushed. Yes, I say ambushed from the onset. 

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I knew in my heart there was no way possible that what had happened was a ‘traffic stop’. It was surreal to read and hear about the ambush that had taken place. I tried to stay up all night to get a grasp on what had happened. When I learned that someone had been killed, I couldn’t believe my ears. But, when I learned it was LaVoy, the man who had reached into my soul with the words he had spoken, I was devastated. 


Just Part Of The Unbelievable Line Up of Patriots


Cowboys Ready To Ride For LaVoy

I immediately thought about his family and wondered how they were going to react. I hurt for them. I hurt for the country, Selfishly, I hurt for myself.

When I saw the video Mark McConnell, the man driving the Jeep that Ammon Bundy was riding in during the ambush, put out almost immediately after the shooting, I thought to myself, there is no way in hell what this man is telling us is even remotely the truth. Then the audio interview with Victoria Sharp, who was in the backseat of LaVoy’s truck when he was shot and killed, was released.

I felt in my heart that her version of what happened was the real deal. You could hear the emotion and fear in her voice. I desperately waited for the press conference from law enforcement officials in Burns, Oregon to take place. 


When the press conference finally began, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In that press conference, they actually used the term ‘had to be taken down.’ The authorities took NO questions and the room actually applauded them as they left.

I wanted to give up right then and stop being involved in politics, stop being an activist and stop attending rallies. I wanted to give up, walk away and enjoy what time with my family I had left before America was completely destroyed. 


I do not remember the exact timeline, but the next thing I remember was being at my business partners’ home for the GOP debate along with a few other friends. I checked Facebook just after the FBI video started being shared around social media. I thought to myself, “What in the world is this now?  If I click play and it is some stupid conspiracy video I am going to be angry.”

But it wasn’t… 

It was the actual murder, the assassination, of LaVoy Finicum right before my eyes. 

I saw his hands in the air and I saw him drop to the ground. I couldn’t even finish watching it, I threw my laptop across the room and yelled, “They shot him dead!” Then, I ran outside. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I was so angry and distraught for his family.

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How could they do this? How could they kill this man? He was going to a meeting with a Sheriff for God’s sake! Why not follow him to the meeting and arrest him there? 

That evening I had a panic attack that landed me in the emergency room. I panicked for his family and I panicked for America because she is being destroyed from the inside. 


Just A Small Portion of The Line-Up of Cars in The Procession

I am only one person and my opinion surely does not add up to a hill of beans, but I am not giving up! We cannot give up on LaVoy’s family; they need us to fight for what they lost. 

Since what I believe was his unprovoked assassination, many tears have been shed for LaVoy and we need to make sure his death was not in vain. It is time for ALL patriots to unite against the evil that has taken control of this once great republic. The evil is among us and we cannot continue to let them destroy us. It is our responsibility as Americans to save freedom for our children and grandchildren.


100’s of Pieces of Blue Tarp Were Distributed For Pinning on Patriots

I attended LaVoy’s funeral and it was apparent by the number of people who came from far and wide that his murder has begun to wake more people up.

I stood in the back entry of the church and listened to his children speak one by one. The emotion was almost too much to handle. I watched as they placed his casket in the hearse, a casket that his sons made by hand. I watched as the procession of cowboys on horses led another cowboy to his final resting place. The line of people paying their respects was amazing and humbling at the same time.

What we need now is for all factions to unite. Every III percenter, every statesman, every believer, every oath keeper, every AMERICAN needs to come together. Our republic is in desperate need of unity to fight the real enemy and it’s time we all set our individual beliefs aside, time that we set our differences aside and rise up against the government’s TYRANNY together.


I pray that Lavoy’s family, blood or not, will find peace knowing his message still lives on through his words of wisdom and that his story will be passed on for generations to come.

May God Bless his soul.

Thousands paid tribute to constitutionalist and ‘hero’ LaVoy Finicum in Kanab from on Vimeo.

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Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall
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