To Pay Medical Expenses for Vet, Family Selling 2009 Obama Letter Which Promised Support

President Obama’s callousness and lack of regard for the brave men and women who have sacrificed in the service of their country is, perhaps, the greatest betrayal perpetrated by the chief executive.

On his watch, the military has been decimated of leadership, it’s fighting capability greatly weakened and it’s culture ravaged by partisan experiments in social justice and policies designed to persecute soldiers of Christian faith.

The most-egregious insult, however, has been the abysmal and shocking lack of support and medical care afforded to veterans. The VA scandal is more than a scandal but rather a horror story about the dangers of government-run healthcare and the lack of accountability in the Obama Administration.

Few know these failures as well as the McKimmey Family, a family who has struggled to provide the necessities for their wounded hero for six years after President Obama promised much but delivered little.

David McKimmey was injured in 2009 when he crawled back into a truck fire to save two wounded comrades who would later die from their wounds. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor, but has been deemed ineligible for the medical treatment required as the VA classified McKimmey as having “minor” medical injuries. He is expected to soon lose his leg as a result.

The VA refused to provide the medical care necessary and the family struggled to meet the costs of the necessary care. President Obama, in 2009, wrote a very-nice letter to the family and promised to do “everything we can over the next four years to support your family.”

Since then, Obama has failed miserably in his promise and thousands of families still suffer from the VA’s ineptitude and atmosphere of bureaucratic complacency. While many have been reprimanded for their shocking parts in betraying America’s wounded heroes, VA officials have merely been moved-around within the bureaucracy and still receive sizeable pensions and benefits.

McKimmey’s mother, Cherry, sought help repeatedly from federal officials for his son in the aftermath of the injuries and received a brief letter from Obama in July of 2009:

“Cherry – Thank you for your note. We are grateful for your son’s service, and Michelle and I intend to do everything we can over the next four years to support your family and other military families. God Bless, Barack Obama”

The McKimmey Family is auctioning-off the letter signed by Obama in order to pay for the medical expenses.

McKimmey’s mother claims that the letter “means absolutely nothing to me.” She is hoping to fetch $4,000 for the letter.

The family has turned to Alexander Historical Auctions to sell the letter and Alexander President Bill Panagopulos has foregone his usual commission to help in the cause that President Obama won’t.

In his description, Panagopulos tied-in the VA scandal:

“The 2014 Veterans Administration scandal damaged Obama’s reputation, and to many veterans, president Obama failed miserably in his promise” made to McKimmey. “McKimmey’s son David is among those affected by the breakdown of services. He was 70 percent disabled by an IED explosion which blew him from his vehicle…he now must wait for extended periods of time for tests and care, and is often forced to endure long (and for him, potentially health-damaging) trips out-of-state to obtain treatment readily available nearby. And his family matters are in a state of chaos as he became the sole caregiver to his three infant children. This lot is being sold-commission free to the seller, and a portion of the buyer’s premium will be donated to the seller as well.”

This is the cost of governmental ineptitude and precisely why we cannot trust the government to administer the healthcare of hundreds-of-millions of Americans when they obviously cannot administer the healthcare of a fraction of the population.

We, as a society, may have moved beyond spitting on returning soldiers, but is allowing the government to slowly murder our injured warriors any more kind

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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