‘Too Difficult’ to Prosecute: German Police Now Allowing Muslims Refugees to Shoplift

Over the course of the past half-century or so, Germany has worked to showcase their reforms with regards to race and ethnicity since the dark days of the Third Reich.

However, this incarnation of “tolerance” has seemingly crossed the line into outright idiocy as Germany is not only allowing a flood of Syrian refugees (and terrorists masquerading as such) into Central Europe, but German police are now allowing refugees to shoplift as prosecuting them would be too time-consuming and difficult.

So, if you’re Muslim and in need of free merchandise taken at the expense of store owners, come on down to Germany where lawlessness and low civic appreciation for the country who took you in is handsomely rewarded!

Police in Kiel, Germany, have been instructed to not pursue minor offenses committed by refugees such as shoplifting and property damage as it is too much effort to see the criminals prosecuted as most don’t carry proper documentation and their identities cannot be properly ascertained.

But don’t worry; President Obama assures the American people that the refugees admitted to the United States will be properly vetted…

Police documents indicate that the threshold at which police should intervene, according to a report from Kiel’s local newspaper Kieler Nachrichten is “serious cases of theft and personal injury.”

So, the store owner who has his merchandise lifted or his window shattered should expect to just deal with the cost and inconvenience of having his business defiled so as to ensure preferential treatment for the refugees who have fled violence to bring similar violence to Europe.

Kiels Chief of Police has denied the allegations, claiming that a criminal complaint has been filed in every instance. However, whether that translates to an actual prosecution may be another matter entirely.

German authorities have been cagey regarding the current bout of rampant lawlessness infecting Germany since opening the flood gates for Muslim refugees. Cologne’s police chief was fired last month after an apparent cover-up emerged detailing how authorities sought to conceal from the public a rape and violence epidemic perpetrated by Muslim refugees. Authorities reportedly did not want to incite anti-Muslim sentiment over the dramatic increase in rapes and other violent crimes.

While Germany may be the tip of the iceberg regarding the kind of dysfunction the rest of the Western world can expect to see in the near future as more and more Muslim refugees are granted access to the interior of Europe and soon, the United Stated of America, the fact is that this problem is only going to get significantly worse as time proceeds.

Political correctness, it would appear, is an affliction that numbs the brain and makes it immune to rational thought. Sadly, those who are tasked with keeping their nations safe appear to have been largely infected with this disease which can have far-reaching implications for the citizens of the Western world.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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