Top Conservative Banned on Twitter for Writing What a Lot of People are Thinking

Glenn Reynolds is a law professor and a columnist for both USA Today and PJ Media. Those who follow PJ Media know him as Instapundit. Not only are his columns hard-hitting and popular, he is a mainstay on Twitter with a huge following. Until Thursday morning, that is.

On Wednesday night, Instapundit tweeted a story about motorists in Charlotte trapped in their vehicles as violent anarchists, i.e. domestic terrorists, blocked roads and surrounded their cars. Some people had their cars attacked while they were inside simply trying to drive to their destination. But they were stopped from driving by these evil beings who were out “protesting” oppression by oppressing others.

Here is a screenshot of the tweet of live footage of I-277 being blocked and cars being surrounded by these domestic terrorists. Reynolds said on Twitter what I frequently say from my couch….run them over.


If motorists continued to drive and refused to stop, these dangerous idiots would be forced to move. It only makes sense, right? Well, obviously, Twitter didn’t like that because they suspended his account.

After outrage by other Twitter users and numerous stories, the account of Instapundit was reinstated on one condition. He had to delete the tweet.

Censorship much?

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Just like with education, media, and the entertainment industry, social media sites are run by rabid leftists who claim to support freedom of expression, tolerance, and presentation of different points of view unless that point of view comes from a conservative with a different point of view then their tolerance level is nearly non-existent.

Though Instapundit’s account was reinstated, the fact that he was suspended in the first place after outcry from the public makes one thing clear.

Even on Leftist-led social media, it’s all about control and limiting the voice of those who won’t bow down to their agenda and their false god of political correctness.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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