Top GOP Lawmaker: FBI Won’t Recommend Indictment for Hillary

One of the hallmarks of a truly corrupt regime is the absence of a willingness to apply the laws to those in power or who are well connected. While even the most-upstanding political administrations are prone to do favors and network with other elites, only the truly corrupt will nakedly refuse to apply laws and standards to political cronies.

While such practices are common in despotic regimes like China or the former Soviet Union, Americans have long expected better from their presidents. The Obama Administration, sadly, operates as such a regime.

Congressman Louie Gohmert has announced that the fix is in with regards to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The FBI is currently investigating the violations. However, the Tea Party congressman who is famous for his no-nonsense rhetoric and bold candor has revealed that he finds it highly unlikely that the FBI will recommend indictment for Clinton. He insisted that the FBI will, instead, punt the decision to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who, without pressure, will almost certainly refuse to indict or prosecute Clinton.

Gohmert, a former Texas state judge turned conservative congressman, claimed in a recent interview that the FBI is hesitant to wade-into the legal quagmire that surrounds Clinton and predicted that the FBI will gather the evidence but refrain from recommending indictment by claiming that they will just be “laying out all the evidence” and rely upon the attorney general to make her decision.

“[FBI Director James] Comey is a pretty straight-up guy, and I don’t think he’ll pull any punches. But I could also see him avoiding all the controversy by just saying, here’s all the evidence, it’s not our job to indict.”

Of course, without someone willing to place pressure on the corrupt DOJ or the notoriously corrupt president, it’s unlikely that Attorney General Loretta Lynch will indict.

However, Gohmert did clarify that he believes that Obama may push for indictment if Clinton goes off the reservation and begins criticizing his regime.

“I think there’s plenty of evidence on which to indict her,” Gohmert stated. “If you can go after [General] Petraeus… they went after everything to try to go after him. With Hillary, as long as she doesn’t criticize Obama, I don’t see her being indicted, even though the evidence is quite strong and it’s very clear she should be indicted.”

“If she were to turn around and start criticizing Obama herself, I could see her being indicted very quickly,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert also stated that he hopes the next president will come in and finally clean-up the corrupt executive branch.

“We’ve got to have a Republican president come in and say, this is a cesspool here in the executive branch, and we are going to clean it out,” Gohmert said.

Of course, if the next president is Donald Trump, it may be unlikely that the longtime crony capitalist and former Clinton donor would take up the charge against corruption.

Gohmert is a longtime supporter of Ted Cruz, but has explained that he would be willing to support Trump if the billionaire offered apologies to Cruz for the many attacks and fabrications lobbed against the Texas senator.

Sadly, Gohmert is likely correct. We are looking to devoutly corrupt leftist cronies to dish-out justice to a fellow well-connected corrupt politician. President Obama has already established that he is willing to thoroughly disregard any duties of his office he does not like and has even cloaked his former attorney general in a flimsy pretense of executive privilege to shield him from prosecution for contempt of Congress.

It is not in dispute that Clinton maintained a private email account on an unsecured server through which she transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret documents in violation of her State Department contract. Though the facts surrounding Clinton’s treason is fairly cut-and-dry, we should not expect to see anything resembling justice any time soon.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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