Top Obama Donor Charged With Sodomizing Teenage Boy, Judge Gives Him Some Bad News…

One of President Obama’s donors has worked to untangled himself from legal problems in Oregon. Terrence Bean, a top Obama bundler, has sought a civil remedy to a sex abuse charge after the 66 year-old donor and his 25 year-old boyfriend allegedly had sex with a 15 year-old boy at an Oregon hotel. Bean, who raised over $1 million for President Obama’s presidential campaigns, was arrested in Oregon in November and charged with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree sex abuse.

Bean, a homosexual activist, apparently sought a civil remedy to the criminal charge and his attorneys, after clearing the court room, pitched a settlement agreement to the judge that had been arranged with the boy and his family.

However, the judge did not accept the agreement after he learned that Bean had once before escaped legal consequences for a similar offense from having offered a settlement.

Oregon Live reports:

Bean, who lives in Portland and is a prominent political fundraiser, proposed a civil compromise that could result in the dismissal of the criminal charges. Had the request been granted, the criminal charges against Bean would have been dismissed.

Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché said he was unaware of another child sex abuse case that has been settled by civil compromise.

In Oregon, judges have discretion to accept or deny a civil compromise.
In the Bean case, the alleged victim, now 17, supports the settlement and does not want to testify, said attorney Lori Deveny, who represents the boy.

Reportedly, the prosecution offered three other accusations with similar circumstances that accuse Bean of a pattern of inappropriate behavior.

Bean has flown on Air Force One and has visited the White House more than 30 times, according to the official visitor logs. On one occasion, Bean was accompanied by his boyfriend, Kiah Lawson, who faces the exact same charges as Bean for his alleged role in the sodomy of a teenage boy.

As America’s mainstream media scrutinizes Donald Trump’s comments to assess his character, few look leftward to attempt and discover who maintains ties with the President Obama.

To an extent, we are to be judged by the company we keep. With President Obama  maintaining a cozy relationship with a donor who has engaged in such perversion and who has sought to merely bribe his way out of the predicament, it should invite questions involving Obama’s character.

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