Top Surrogate Predicts Trump Will Bring Up Juanita Broaddrick at Next Debate [VIDEO]

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During the presidential debate on Monday night, Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for comments he made in 1996 about Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado after she gained weight. At that time, Trump had purchased the pageant and Machado was Miss Universe. She had put on considerable weight and Trump is caught on camera stating that “she loves to eat.” Hillary no doubt brought up this moment in time in an attempt to turn women away from Trump.

But given Hillary’s own history, does she really want to go there? With that attack and attempting to frame herself as a champion for women, Hillary  Clinton has opened a door that she probably shouldn’t have and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord explained why.

Appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper for post-debate analysis on Tuesday, Lord explained that he believes the Miss Venezuela incident is just a blip and a distraction. He added that given Hillary’s attack, Donald Trump may bring up Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who has contended for decades that not only was she raped by Bill Clinton in 1978, who at the time was Attorney General of Arkansas but also that Hillary attempted to silence her with threats, during one of the next debates.

“In the scheme of things, I think this is a blip and it will arrive and leave quickly,” Lord said.

Anderson Cooper quickly jumped in to help push Hillary’s narrative. He said, “But doesn’t it continue the narrative which has been, from the first debate with Megyn Kelly asking these questions.”

That’s when Lord invoked Broaddrick. (Article continues below video.)

“A larger part of that narrative, though, which he didn’t touch on last night which I imagine at some point he will, whether it is in the town hall with you or whether it’s the debate after, is he will, I’m sure bring up Juanita Broaddrick and all this. And if they’re going to get into a serious treatment of women then that is going to be a serious discussion here because that involves not Bill Clinton but Hillary Clinton.” 

As National Review pointed out in January 2016, among the long list of those who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, sexual assault, extramarital affairs and rape, Broaddrick’s is the one that the Clinton campaign has never said much about other than to offer a tepid statement of denial.

In the catalogue of accusations against Bill Clinton — a litany that includes names such as Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — Broaddrick’s stands out. It remains not only the most credible accusation against Clinton and the most serious. It is also the one about which the Clintons have said the least. The entire record of the Clintons’ response to Broaddrick’s allegations amounts to one line, from President Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall in 1999: “Any allegation that the president assaulted Juanita Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false.”

This statement was given in 1999, just over twenty years after Broaddrick said Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary threatened her in an attempt to shut her up. After all, Hillary couldn’t have something like a rape by her husband get in the way of her quest for money, power, and the White House.

Will Trump bring up Juanita Broaddrick in order to expose Hillary as a hypocrite in trying to sell herself to women as a champion for women? Doing so would be the perfect attack because it exposes Hillary as an opportunist who will do anything, even attack a rape victim, in order to achieve power.

WATCH Juanita Broaddrick’s emotional recount about her allegations that Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary threatened her to be silent or else.

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