Top Ten Reasons Why Jeb Bush is NOT a Conservative

Jeb Bush is not a conservative.

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush boasts of a “conservative” record while governing the Sunshine State. Even RedState’s Erick Erickson, when introducing Bush at the recent RedState gathering, referred to the establishment Bush, whose family, along with the Clintons, make up one of the most powerful elitist political dynasties in America, as “the most conservative governor” and “I love this guy.”

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But when examining Jeb Bush’s record and his stance on the issues, is he really a conservative, or does he just play one on TV? Or, should Jeb be placed in the RINO category, the Republican-in-Name-Only?

Below are ten areas where Jeb Bush is, much like his father and brother before him, much more of a big government progressive leftist than a principled constitutional conservative. There may be several more than ten, but hey, since it’s a nice round number, it’s a good number that I chose to start with:

  • Just like his brother George W. Bush exploded debt, the younger Bush did as well while governor of the State of Florida. Florida’s debt skyrocketed a whopping 45% during Jeb Bush’s two terms. This is not a fiscal record that reflects conservatism.
  • While he has attempted to hide it while running for president, Jeb Bush has been an enthusiastic supporter of Fed-Ed, i.e., the federal government’s power-grabbing takeover of education known as Common Core, or “Commie Core.” In 2011, Bush wrote a op-ed in the Wall Street Journal making the case for the federal government coup of our educational system. Taking education from the localities and giving it to federal bureaucrats has got to be the least conservative notion that I can think of.
  • Jeb Bush’s dad famously said “Read my lips, no new taxes,” but went on to be the Rockefeller Republican that he was, raising taxes which ultimately cost him his re-election and resulted in giving America — Bill Clinton (not to mention his wife). Jeb Bush is flexible enough in his phony conservativism to not make the same mistake. He won’t pledge to not raising taxes, period. Is there any conservative in America who thinks taxes are possibly too low. Yes, there is one — Jeb Bush.
  • In October of 2013, Bush did the typical RINO move, going squishy on Obamacare, saying that Republicans shouldn’t defund Obamacare, but should somehow improve the 2,300 page debacle. Sounds like a Democrat at best to me.
  • As was revealed two weeks ago, Jeb Bush was on the board of directors of an organization that gave tens of millions of dollars to the Planned Butcherhood baby parts harvesting racket. He claimed to have not known about Bloomberg Philanthropies providing financial support of Planned Parenthood, a claim that is highly dubious on several levels. Progressive or conservative — you decide.
  • In July of 2009, Jeb Bush told Esquire that he supported the anti-free market move to bail out mega banks that was initiated by his older brother. If banks required further bailouts, would Jeb be there with taxpayer funds (or equally worse, start the printing presses) as his brother did? Free markets only exist with both the “carrot” and the “stick” reward/punishment outcomes. If you take away the “stick” of bankruptcy, you no longer have free markets. Only RINOs and crony capitalists (but I digress ) believe in bailouts of banks, or any other industry or business for that matter.
  • Jeb Bush embarrassingly flip-flopped on whether it was necessary for the U.S. to go to war with Iraq, something Republican presidential rival Donald Trump has been hammering him with, accusing him of trying to protect his big brother’s legacy.
  • Showing the backbone of a typical jellyfish-spined RINO, Jeb Bush issued a statement following the Supreme Court’s tyrannical abuse of power in which they redefined the meaning of marriage to be something other than just between one man and one woman. Bush said he “respects” the court’s decision to legalize homosexual marriage. This is hardly a conservative position, let alone a Christian one.
  • Jeb Bush supports amnesty for illegal aliens, a complete lack of respect for the rule of law, saying that those foreign invaders who enter the U.S. illegally are somehow doing it out of an “act of love,” adopting rhetoric virtually identical to that of Barack Obama and other anti-American Marxist progressive Democrats. Rewarding illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers and workers is a far-left position that is in no way conservative.
  • In addition to loading up Florida with massive amounts of debt, the phony conservative Jeb Bush also grew government in a major way while governor. Florida general fund spending increased from $18 to $28 billion (a 57% increase) during his tenure, leading the Cato Institute to give him a hardly stellar grade of “C” on his fiscal record. Jeb Bush grew government spending much faster than the growth of Florida’s population and the rate of inflation.

Jeb Bush is simply another big government, “moderate” RINO squish, very similar to other failed attempts of prior establishment-backed candidates like the “most electable” Gerald Ford (he tookover after Nixon, but was never elected, losing to Jimmy Carter), Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

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RINO Jeb Bush would continue to grow government, grow regulations, increase spending and debt, only possibly at a slower rate than Obama. The only reason the economy did relatively well during his time in office (1999-2007) was because he governed during an national economic bubble he had the benefit of piggy-backing on and got out before the economic crash of 2008.

Jeb Bush not a conservative — not even close.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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