Top Trending Topic on Twitter Shows How Much We Need Jesus

The topic of “sexting” has been problematic among teenagers for far too long. For those who are unaware, in “sexting” someone sends a nude or nearly nude photo of themselves, or a pic of themselves in a sexual act, to someone else via text. It has gotten students not only suspended, but also in trouble with the law as it is considered child pornography.

On Thursday morning, someone took “sexting” to another level on one of the most popular social media sites in existence. #NationalSendANudeDay is, as of this writing, the number one trending topic in the United States on Twitter. This takes sexting to an entirely new and even more disturbing level. I would also contend that it demonstrates just how morally devoid our society has become and shows just how much now, even more than ever, this country needs Jesus.

Now I’m not going to show you pictures posted by people to this pornography encouraging hashtag. I’m not even certain that Twitter will allow any pictures that are full nudity. However, the fact that this hashtag is even trending, and at the top spot even above the EgyptAir crash, speaks volumes as to the culture rot in this country.

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The Left has pushed the narrative for decades that anything goes. They have perpetuated the notion that kids are going to have sex anyway so let’s give them birth control and allow them to have abortions without parental consent or knowledge. They have ridiculed abstinence. They send the message through threats and lawsuits that they could care less about your Christian faith, you WILL accept homosexuality as “normal” and okay or you will pay a price. (Now, if you’re Muslim, that’s a different story. They’d never work by force to push Muslims to “accept” homosexuality but that’s another article.)

When they took God out of the schools, they simultaneously pushed promiscuity with the help of one of their top partners in perverted and amoral propaganda, Planned Parenthood.

And that brings us to #NationalSendANudeDay trending at the top on Twitter.

I am not alone in my belief that this trending hashtags shows how much we need God. Some people on Twitter tweeted that very sentiment to the hashtag. That’s probably not the message that most who click on that hashtag expect but I am glad it is a message they are seeing.

Others used the time to mock the Kardashians, a family whose girls help deepen the culture rot on a near daily basis with their nude Instagram pics among other things.

This is why the fight in the culture war is so important. We have the godless Left indoctrinating our children in the school system, as well as through the entertainment industry; both areas that they largely control.

One Twitter user whose handle is @Just_A_Texan showed just how ridiculous it is that this hashtag is trending at the top in the United States given the EgyptAir plane crash that took place early Thursday morning and is currently under investigation to determine if it was terrorism.

I’m with you, and Lord help us.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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