Trainwreck: This One Photo Says Everything About How Hillary’s Campaign is Going

On Thursday, 2016 Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton had a tough time. The longtime Democrat frontrunner lost major ground as Democrat rival Bernie Sanders became the frontrunner in Iowa. To add insult to injury, the candidate’s presence in Ohio was so humdrum that at a “Women for Hillary” event, the candidate spoke to a mostly-empty room.

The theme of this year’s primaries seems to be an anti-establishment one. While the socialist senator Bernie Sanders has long enjoyed underdog status, he surged ahead of Clinton in the polls while Donald Trump, the billionaire candidate who has never held elected office before, surged to a whopping 32% support nationally.

Famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson, another Washington outsider who has never held elected office, surged ten points and is now in second place in the Republican field with 19% support.

Sanders squeaked by Clinton in a Quinnipiac University Poll of likely Democratic caucus participants in Iowa 41 percent to 40 percent.

The anti-establishment vibe appears to be hurting Clinton. Her numbers continue to slip as faith in establishment lawmakers and executives continues to fall.

As if Thursday was not already a rocky day for her, Clinton attended an event in Columbus, Ohio, where she was to address women’s issues. However, the event was lightly attended and the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty tweeted out an image of the mostly-empty hall where Clinton was speaking.

The news is unexpected as the event took place just miles from the Ohio State college campus- an indicator that Hillary may not be able to mobilize young voters in a way that Barack Obama could.

One poll does not end a campaign, nor does a single failed event. However, Hillary’s flailing appears obvious as she seeks to, yet again, reinvent herself and her public image.

The snarling candidate is unwelcoming to the press and to even supporters and her bad press comes amidst serious allegations that she violated national security protocol repeatedly as Secretary of State and has worked to obstruct investigations into her conduct.

Though she has waited for this for decades, it may be time to finally pull the plug on this slowmotion trainwreck of a campaign.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
An unapologetic patriot and conservative, Greg emerged within the blossoming Tea Party Movement as a political analyst dedicated to educating and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional principles and a free-market solution to problems birthed by economic liberalism. From authoring scathing commentaries to conducting interviews with some of the biggest names in politics today including party leaders, activists and conservative media personalities, Greg has worked to counter the left’s media narratives with truthful discussions of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Greg’s primary area of focus is Second Amendment issues and the advancement of honest discussion concerning the constitutional right that protects all others. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.

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