‘Transsexual’ Teacher Receives $60K for This RIDICULOUS Reason…

We are reaching an absolute crisis in America. This crisis is not about the inconvenience of using different pronouns; it is a crisis where delusion is validated as reality and where those that just wish to maintain some shred of societal normalcy are being victimized and persecuted for retaining anything akin to traditional belief systems.

A “transmasculine” Oregon elementary school teacher (who is, inexplicably, trusted with kids) has received $60,000 as compensation for the supposed tragedy of having to endure such “slurs” as being called “she.”

Leo Soell was born a woman but identifies as “transmasculine” and “genderqueer”- meaningless words which are supposed to explain that she considers herself neither male nor female.

After a double mastectomy in 2014, Soell began identifying as “Leo” and began pushing the delusion that she was gender-neutral.

Reportedly, once returning to work, Soell was treated to “harassment” from coworkers and students who called her such terrible names as “Miss Soell,” “lady” and “she.”

She also claims that other employees conspired to occupy the school’s only gender-neutral bathroom so that she would have to wait for extended periods to use it.

Of course, she could have used the women’s room. You know, the very room she used for years before this ridiculousness became a warped civil rights crusade.

Soell claims that she was instructed that if students asked about her situation, she was expected to explain that such a topic was inappropriate for classroom discussion.

For those who believe that it is their sacred duty to force their delusions and social agendas upon children, this was too much.

After Soell whined to the school board, the district conducted an investigation and found no evidence of harassment. She did, however, secure a promise that employees will be forced to use her preferred pronoun “they.”

Soell maintains that the “harassment” continued and she hired an attorney. As Oregon has a shameful history of outrageously fining those who don’t subscribe to the leftist interpretations of identity or the liberal definition of marriage, the school district promptly offered a settlement of $60,000 which the delusional teacher readily accepted.

In today’s America, hard work is far less lucrative than playing the role of victim. Not only should the mentally ill be disallowed from being in charge of our children, but we should be having a national conversation about how to get them the treatment they need, not paying them off when their delicate feelings get hurt.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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