TREASON: Obama Spent YEARS Conducting SECRET Talks with Iran to Pay Them $1.7 Billion

President Obama is a traitor. I understand that that sounds remarkably inflammatory, but it’s the truth. He is an elected official who not only undermines his nation’s laws, but also uses his position to consistently advocate for the advancement of America’s enemies while doing so at the expense of Americans and their interests.

If anyone has a better definition than the word “traitor” to describe such an official, I am all ears…

As Obama wraps-up his luxury sojourn to visit the communist dictatorship that continues to oppress the imprisoned island, reports indicate that Obama and his State Department operated for years longer than previously reported to secure a payout to Iran for nearly $2 billion from American taxpayers.

PolitiStick has previously reported on the $1.7 billion payout to Iran that Obama threw-in to sweeten the already-pathetic Iran nuke deal- a deal which included the lifting of damaging economic sanctions against the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world in exchange for the mere unenforceable promise from Iran to slow their march towards a nuclear weapon.

The monetary compensation is allegedly reparations for money paid to the United States prior to the Iranian Revolution. Prior to the Shah’s removal, the Iranian government placed an order for $400 million in military equipment. After anti-American revolutionaries took over Iran, the U.S. government would not fulfill the order nor would they return the money to the new, illegitimate regime that pledged to work-against America.

The Obama Administration pledged the $400 million and included $1.3 billion in interest.

However, many have alleged that the $1.7 billion agreement was a ransom paid in exchange for the release of American hostages.

The money has since been used to fund Palestinian terrorist efforts.

Even if we accept that the deal was for the $400 million plus interest, at best, we can be disgusted by the fact that while Iranian terrorists were holding our American citizens hostage after seizing our embassy, they were earning sizeable amounts of interest on money they had not spent.

And they say that crime doesn’t pay…

In January, Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo inquired about the payout and received confirmation regarding the payout and the talks surrounding it.

The response from the Obama Administration only came after the Washington Free Beacon detailed State Department efforts to stall the inquiry.

The letter, authored by Julia Frifield, an assistant secretary for legislative affairs, clarified that the Obama Administration had been in secret talks with Iran since 2014 to negotiate settlements with the despotic Islamic regime over disputes. The letter further noted that the Obama Administration expects more payouts in the future.

“The United States is continuing to vigorously litigate these claims at the Tribunal, but is also open to discussing further settlements of claims with Iran, as we have done throughout the life of the Tribunal, with the aim of resolving them in furtherance of U.S. interests,” the letter claims.

“We are confident that this was a good settlement for the American taxpayer,” the State Department said.

According to one source familiar with the secret ongoing talks, the payout appears to serve as nothing more than ransom.

“When Iran releases American hostages, and then, on that same day, President Obama announces he is paying Iran $1.7 billion, Congress of course has to ask the hard questions,” said the source. “And when the Obama administration admits that over $1 billion in taxpayer money is going to the Iranian regime, Congress is obligated to respond. The State Department has ducked and dodged–providing a history lesson on international tribunals, focused on actions decades ago, instead of addressing dangerous misdeeds that were potentially just committed. That is suspicious.”

The U.S. maintains an official policy that we do not negotiate with terrorists. However, under Obama’s reign, this policy of strength has been thoroughly destroyed.

The president violated U.S. law by releasing five high-ranking terrorists in exchange for one American deserter and is currently negotiating “outstanding disputes” with the tyrannical Castro regime in Cuba that may include a surrender of Guantanamo Bay, America’s long-held naval base in Cuba.

Truly, it pays to hate America these days (literally).

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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