Trey Gowdy Gives AWESOME Response to the Seizure of Hillary’s Email Server: ‘It’s About Damn Time!’

Imagine that you are neither Democrat nor Republican, neither liberal nor conservative. Imagine for a moment that the former Secretary of State who has been embroiled in controversy for years is now seeking the highest office in the land. Imagine that this person, after allowing American citizens to die and working to cover it up with a flimsy cover story, revealed that he or she had a secret, private server on which he or she wrote emails. Imagine that this person simply refused to cooperate with congressional inquiries and would only hand-over select emails, cherry-picked from the server.

Would this not be outrageous? Imagine the outrage that would ensue if it were Dick Cheney. Imagine if Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell had done this. Would the mainstream media be discussing anything else but this obvious stonewalling?

Because it’s Hillary Clinton, however, the media has worked very hard to look the other way on what is obvious obfuscation of the inquiries.

Nearly three years after our fellow Americans were slaughtered by jihadists in Benghazi, both Hillary and President Obama have long-ago moved on. But the House committee investigating this travesty, however, has not.

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy has lost his patience with Hillary Clinton who has dragged her feet on complying with repeated demands that she turn over all her emails from her private email server. Speaking with CNN guest host Brianna Keilar, an exasperated Gowdy remarked that it was “about damn time” after Clinton handed over her email server to the FBI.

“’About damn time’ was my initial reaction,” the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi stated. “We asked her in March to turn that server over to a neutral detached independent arbiter like the inspector general.”

Gowdy scoffed at the notion that Clinton “voluntarily” complied with the FBI’s demands.

“They generally don’t ask. They generally tell you to do so, and I doubt very seriously that they ‘asked’ her to turn her server over. If they have jurisdiction, they don’t need to ask; they just go get it.”

Keilar asked if Gowdy took Clinton “at her word” when she declared under penalty of perjury that she had turned over all the emails.

“Well, I read that statement, and it’s easier to read Egyptian hieroglyphics than it is to parse the words that her lawyer wrote in that statement,” the former prosecutor responded. “Wherever you see the phrase ‘on information and belief,’ that should be a blinking red light for you to be suspicious of it.”

Clinton has maintained that she did not send classified material over her unsecured private email server. However, already, the FBI has discovered that at least four emails were, in fact, classified documents and two of them were not merely “classified,” but “top secret.”

At best, Hillary’s campaign team is going to have to try and explain how a woman who cannot handle having two email accounts should be our next president.

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At worst, Hillary’ campaign will have to explain why the candidate lied about her involvement in transmitting top secret documents over an unsecured private server- a clear violation of State Department protocol.

Oh, and she might want to explain why she denied repeated security upgrade requests in Benghazi and why she allowed our citizens to be slaughtered without lifting a finger to help.

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