Trump Admits: Forget Conservatives; I’m Going to Get Support from Socialists!

Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, has said in the past that he is a unifier. In fact, after a “unity meeting” with Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus back on March 31, 2016, Trump excitedly stated on Twitter, “Looking forward to bringing the Party together — and it will happen!

But like many of Trump’s stated stances, policies, and beliefs, he has flip-flopped on his pledge to unify the party. Instead, he is now saying that he doesn’t need everyone in the GOP. He believes he can still reign victorious by kicking conservatives to the curb and, instead, working to get the supporters of wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders.

In other words, Donald Trump wants to #FeelTheBern.

In an interview which will air on Sunday, Trump sat down with George Stephanalopoulus on ABC’s This Week to discuss the fracture in the Republican Party since he has become the presumptive nominee, with many prominent Republicans refusing to support or endorse him. He was asked, “Does the party have to be together, does it have to be unified?”

Trump responded, “I’m very different from anybody who’s perhaps ever run for office. I actually don’t think so.”

So, the man who would be viewed as the head of the Republican Party should he win the presidential race, doesn’t think there needs to be unity within the party. Remember, as Trump surrogates have told us, Trump answers to no one, so you either fall in line with him or fuggedaboutit.

Trump added that while it would be better if the party is unified, he doesn’t think it is necessary for him to win because….are you ready….he will just go get support from Democrats and supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders.

“I’m going to go out and I’m going to get millions of people from the Democrats.” Trump said. “I’m going to get Bernie [Sanders] people to vote because they like me on trade.”

For good measure, Trump continued his subliminal message campaign in an attempt to convince people that he is a conservative despite advocating for non-conservative policies including forcing business to raise the minimum wage, raising taxes on the wealthy, stating that government’s primary responsibilities include health care, education, housing and good neighborhoods, anti-free market tariffs that only hurts conservatives, among other progressive principles.

Remember, less than 24 hours after Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, Trump advocated for an increase in the federal minimum wage, undoubtedly a wink and nod to supporters of Bernie Sanders, after campaigning against this very thing during the primary.

Who’s the man behind the curtain?


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Jennifer Burke
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