Trump After Arizona Immigration Speech: ‘Oh, There’s Softening’

Following his mostly well-received speech in which he was supposed to clarify his position on illegal immigration after campaigning for 14 months, Donald Trump again muddied the waters on the topic after surrogates, including his own son, insisted that there would be no “softening” in dealing with America’s problem of illegal immigration.

The controversy started last week when Trump told Sean Hannity that there would definitely be a “softening.” Then, the very next day, Trump characterized his “softening” as a “hardening,” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

On Wednesday, Trump gave his much-anticipated immigration speech in the border state of Arizona, a speech full of red meat to those already fervently supporting the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor. The speech focused on deporting “dangerous criminal illegal immigrants,” but was still vague on how he would deal with the millions of illegals who don’t fall under the category of “criminal,” even though coming into the country illegally itself is technically a crime.

But to make things even more confusing, on Thursday Trump gave an interview to one of his most sycophantic worshipers, “conservative” talk show host Laura Ingraham who has been in the tank for the liberal New York real estate tycoon largely based on his formerly tough stance on illegal immigration.

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So is it soft or hard? Or is the softening, as Trump said a week ago, really a hardening? According to what Trump told Laura Ingraham on her radio program, “there’s really quite a bit of softening.”

Laura Ingraham: “Finally, again, you’re going to be asked this, so I might as well ask it. The line last week you were softening on immigration, then you come out with a very specific, very pro-enforcement plan last night. Where’s the softening?”

Donald Trump:Oh, there’s softening. Look, we do it in a very humane way, and we’re going to see with the people that are in the country. Obviously, I want to get the gang members out. I want to get the drug dealers out. We’ve got a lot of people in this country that you can’t have, and those people we’ll get out.

And then we’re going to make a decision at a later date once everything is stabilized. I think you’re going to see there’s really quite a bit of softening.”

So again, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s a “softening” again.

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Reading between the lines, you can see what the “softening” is once the border is secure. It’s no different than Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio’s stance. It’s called amnesty, even though neither Trump or his cultist followers would use the word.

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