Trump Calls Media at Rally ‘Lowest Form of Life,’ ‘Lowest Form of Humanity’ [VIDEO]

Donald Trump must think that ridiculing and humiliating the media is somehow going to help him get more favorable coverage because he turned up the heat on what is now his favorite whipping boy, now that “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted,” and “Low Energy Jeb” are no longer in the race.

Instead, the presidential candidate, who has received more free media coverage than any in history, pointed to the sectioned off press and called them the “lowest form of life” at a rally in Pennsylvania Friday.

Trump, also furthered to establish excuses for his historically bad poll numbers and forthcoming electoral landslide loss against what has to be the weakest Democrat nominee in history, Hillary Clinton, by claiming if he doesn’t win Pennsylvania, then it has to be because of “cheating” at the polls, i.e., voter fraud. It should be noted that Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in the last six presidential elections. In 2012, Obama won the state over Mitt Romney by five percent. Yet, Trump thinks if he doesn’t win in Pennsylvania, then it must be due to voter fraud.

“These people are the lowest form of life,” the liberal New York con man told the crowd while pointing at the press at the campaign rally.”They are the lowest form of humanity. Not all of them, they have about 25 percent that are pretty good, actually,” he said as the crowd clapped like trained seals.

CNN has the report below:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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