Trump Campaign Blames ‘Coincidences and Clerical Errors’ for Illegal Pam Bondi Contribution

Trump University was a scam. How intimately Donald Trump, himself, was involved in the scam is a matter of discussion. However, considering how vehemently the billionaire candidate has defended the scam that conned thousands of people out of tens-of-thousands of dollars apiece, it should be safe to assume that The Donald will not be cutting bait anytime soon.

But then again, while the scam is sleazy, let’s put it into perspective: it’s not like he left Americans to die by the hands of terrorists or transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret national security documents over an unsecured server in violation of national security protocols…

Still, someone must be held accountable for the evident criminal conspiracy that bilked people out of hard-earned money. Thanks to crony relations, however, it now seems unlikely that that person will be Trump, himself.

As the Florida Attorney General’s Office decided whether to pursue charges against Trump University, a Super PAC supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi received a sizeable donation of $25,000 courtesy of the Trump Foundation and, not-so-surprisingly, the Attorney General decided not to pursue fraud charges against Trump University or Donald Trump.

Bondi has even endorsed Trump for his presidential bid.

That dirty feeling you feel is the unmistakable crawling itch of cronyism.

Not only was Trump’s donation an evident case of alleged corruption, but it also was illegal as the contribution was not disclosed on the Trump Foundation tax returns-a clear violation of FEC and IRS regulations.

So, Trump and/or the Trump Foundation is in severe trouble, right? Wrong. The official stance emanating from the Trump Campaign has been little more than “my bad” as they maintain that a series of clerical errors are responsible for the alleged cover-up of corruption.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have filed a complaint with the IRS. “The apparent failure to tell the IRS about this political activity makes matters worse and is something we’ve seen too many organizations doing lately,” the complaint said.

According to Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, the campaign was not aware of the “error” until the complaint was filed and that the reporting issue was due to a “series of unfortunate coincidences and errors.”

That Trump did not know about the scam at his namesake seminars is a possible coincidence. However, few should believe that it was a “coincidence” that Pam Bondi declined to pursue charges just days after the Trump Foundation gave a hefty donation to a Super Pac supporting. Even fewer should believe that it was a “coincidence” that in conjunction with the other shady dealings, the Trump Foundation “forgot” to include the donations in their filings.

It should be noted at this point that months ago, Ted Cruz was candid about the fact that he had accidentally reported his loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank on the wrong form. This admission was followed for weeks with reckless accusations and smears from Trump and Trump surrogates that Cruz was attempting to hide something that he had already reported, but who just did so on the wrong form.

Fast-forwarding to present-day and the Trump Campaign is shrugging-off their evident malfeasance as a benign clerical error and series of coincidences.

To summarize: the crony capitalist smears everyone else with accusations that are distanced from reality while simply shrugging-off his own apparent scandals.

How is that any different than Barack or Hillary?

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Greg Campbell
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