Trump Caught in Bald-Faced LIE Trying to Smear Christian Leader Who Endorsed Ted Cruz

Donald Trump was not happy that he didn’t receive the coveted endorsement of Christian conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader, an Iowa institution that promotes pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life values.

Late in 2014, Vander Plaats, who Trump had called a friend prior to Vander Plaats’ endorsement of constitutional conservative Ted Cruz, advised Trump in 2014, when Trump was considering a presidential run, that Trump should come to the annual real estate conference hosted by Steve Bruere of Peoples Company.

Vander Plaats warned Trump that “he should not be charging to come into Iowa,” that charging for an appearance would not make a “good impression.”

But Trump being Trump, charged $100,000 for the appearance anyway in January 2015, a transaction that was confirmed by Peoples Co. officials to the Des Moines Register.

On Tuesday, Trump turned his well-oiled smear machine against Vander Plaats, coincidentally with less than a week before the Iowa Caucus, calling his former “friend” a “bad guy” and accused Vander Plaats of “begging him to do the event” and even accused the Christian conservative leader of pocketing the $100,000.

That is a bald-faced lie.

The hypocritical Trump, as he accuses Ted Cruz of being “nasty,” turned up his nastiness against Vander Plaats, whose reputation in Iowa is beyond reproach:

Trump’s smear of the respected Vander Plaats (who’s next, Billy Graham?) fits Trump’s modus operandi to a T.

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As Glenn Beck explained this week, Trump uses a 5-step Alinsky-like tactic in order to get people to “play ball,” and the first step is to “sweet talk” and be “generous” in order to win favor.

If that doesn’t work, as it didn’t in Trump’s attempt to buy his endorsement, Trump then turns on his systematic smear machine in order to punish and destroy those who stand up to him.

Vander Plaats explained Trump’s dishonesty to FOX News’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, who said he would now have a problem supporting Donald Trump in the general election, should he be the eventual GOP nominee.

The vindictive and petulant Donald Trump clearly lied here but it’s doubtful if media — even so-called “conservative media” will have the guts to call him on it.

Just days ago, Trump opined that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in New York and he still wouldn’t lose supporters. If this smear and hatchet job by Trump, which reveals that Trump’s lack of character would permit him to use the power of government to destroy his political opponents in a way Obama could only dream of, is any indication, he just may be correct.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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