Trump Convention Goes Full Fascist; Kicks Reporters Off the Floor

Things have not been a celebration by one happy family so far at the GOP convention in Cleveland. Despite what Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee wants you to believe, the Never Trump movement is not dead and they put that on full display during at the start of the convention on Monday.

Delegates revolted when the GOP revealed shady shenanigans to deny a roll call vote on the Rules of the Convention. Things got, shall we say, a bit unruly when delegates were denied a roll call vote. Not only were they denied, the chair abandoned his post in an attempt to shut down the request, done according to the rules, for a roll call vote. Chanting from both sides ensued and then, the GOP and Donald Trump did something chilling.

Media was kicked off the floor.

FOX News Bret Baeir tweeted what happened.

This convention is being dubbed by numerous media outlets as “The Trump Convention.” It’s no longer the GOP convention. It’s no longer about the Republican party. It is all about Trump.

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So, the man who has made numerous vows to disseminate the First Amendment, threatening to sue reporters and news outlets who didn’t provide what he deemed as fair and positive coverage, had media kicked off the floor. The order may not have come directly from him, but it was no doubt at his direction.

Donald Trump does not tolerate opposition and he certainly doesn’t want what his campaign has announced will be the “greatest reality show of all time” tarnished by any whiff of dissent.

Is this what we can expect in a Trump presidency? Will the “free press” no longer be free but rather be controlled by his regime?

The mere thought of that should send chills down the spine of anyone who cares about freedom.

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Jennifer Burke
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