Trump Flip-Flop: About Obama Being the Founder of ISIS, Psych! J/K!! [VIDEO]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs to be reminded that there is such a thing as video, audio, and social media which captures the truth about what he says before he flip-flops to try to turn the tables and place the blame on someone else.

For days, Trump repeated over and over again that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS. Beyond that, he claimed they are both the most valuable player (MVP) on the ISIS terrorist team. When conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt tried to help Trump out by giving him a chance to retract his statement or clarify it that Obama created an environment which led to the rise of ISIS, Trump insisted he meant literally what he said, that Obama FOUNDED ISIS.

On Friday morning, Trump attempted to give himself an out to this wild claim by basically saying, “Psych! Just kidding!”

Trump tweeted in the wee hours of the morning that the claim he made over and over again, that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS and are their MVPs, was just sarcasm because, you know, it’s funny to joke about terrorism…or something.

He, of course, used his weak and dishonest explanation for his flip-flop as an opportunity to bash the media.

CNN responded this morning with a reminder to Trump of the numerous times this week he said that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS and were their MVP, even standing by that when Hewitt was trying to give him a lifeline and bail him out.

Each time Trump made that claim, he was very, very serious and was met with cheers and applause at his rallies. Now he wants to call it sarcasm?

Maybe someone needs to remind Donald Trump that he’s running for president, not auditioning for a late-night comedy show.

Or is he?


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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