Trump Flip-Flops on Border Wall, Says We Need Only HALF a Wall Because of ‘Natural Barriers’

Donald Trump burst onto the presidential scene with a promise to build a wall and reverse the damaging effects of illegal immigration. For his uncompromising stance that America should simply enforce our immigration laws, he was labeled a racist, a xenophobe and every other foul utterance the left could conjure.

For conservatives, however, Trump’s talk concerning finally addressing illegal immigration was refreshing. Suddenly, the billionaire candidate was not a novelty; he was leading the race.

In recent weeks, however, Trump appears to have hedged on his once-firm stance. PolitiStick has previously reported on the alleged existence of a recording held by the New York Times where Trump reportedly offered a much-softer stance on immigration in order to attempt to solicit the newspaper’s endorsement. The meeting was off-the-record, so the media outlet has refused to release the recording unless Trump communicates that he wants it released.

Last week, during a GOP primary debate, Trump was asked about his comments on the recording and the tough-talking candidate explained that his view on immigration is “flexible.”

For those who have been burned dozens of times by politicians promising to tackle the problem of illegal immigration and then doing nothing, “flexible” feels like a euphemism for “willing to flip on the issue.”

During an event on Thursday, Trump explained that he intended to build a wall along the Mexican border and noted that the stretch is roughly 2,000 miles long. He noted that we would only need about a thousand miles or so because of already-existing “natural barriers.”

These “natural barriers,” however, entail everything from roaring rivers to tiny streams that can hardly serve as a deterrent to illegal immigration.

Shortly after Trump’s comments, Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas began noting that the “natural barriers” about which Trump spoke are hardly formidable obstacles.

Naturally, Darby encountered significant push-back from Trump’s devout followers who evidently took issue with Mr. Darby doing the math to discover that much of his home state, a state ravaged by illegal immigration, would be left high-and-dry after Trump rolled-back his promise of a wall that could be used to effectively stop illegal immigration.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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