Trump Hack Hannity Issues Embarrassing Correction After Painful Backlash

Former conservative Sean Hannity, who has hopped aboard the coming fascist dictatorship known as the “Trump Train,” should enough useful idiots and dupes buy into the showman’s cult of personality, got shamed into submission — forced to back down from the lies he was helping to spread about Ted Cruz .

Like virtually all of the conga line of phony conservatives on FOX News, including Greta Van Susteren, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, and of course Sean Hannity, who has been public defender number one of Trump’s incorrigible antics and liberal policies (‘but he’s changed, don’t you know! Trump told me! I asked him!’), FOX talking heads continued to bury any semblance of credibility — a reputation that is already on shaky ground.

After spewing lies about Ted Cruz and his campaign, utterly and knowingly spreading the lie — a lie that began on Donald Trump’s own hate-filled Twitter feed — that Ted Cruz personally, or his campaign was somehow responsible for Trump’s third wife shedding her clothes for GQ Magazine and for a Super PAC — legally unaffiliated with the Cruz campaign in any way — spreading the picture of Mrs. Trump, even though it was already all over the internet, Sean Hannity reluctantly issued the following correction after spewing the lie all over his TV and radio programs.

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Sean Hannity received quite the backlash for just the latest example that proves he’s in the tank for Donald Trump:

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Hannity was shamed into an apology, issuing the equivalent of the NY Times placing their corrections on page H-43 — on Twitter — and then taking the day off on Thursday so that he wouldn’t have to publicly apologize on air:

Hannity, who refuses to condemn Donald Trump’s despicable behavior, no matter how deplorable it becomes, was brutally called out for not disavowing Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz:

How long will Sean Hannity hide from issuing a public apology for being a phony conservative, for licking the boots of a New York liberal, for being duped by a deplorable con man, all for a few rating points?

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