Trump Just Gave Hillary More Ammunition with This Latest Stunt

As Democrats wrapped up their national convention, the Hollywood theatrics were on full display. The entire thing was one elaborate production, from the set to the music and even to the message. Listening to the Democrats at times, one, who didn’t know better, would believe are extremely patriotic, revere the Founding Fathers, and wholeheartedly believe in American exceptionalism. In other words, they lied through their teeth in an attempt to appeal to those turned off by Donald Trump but did so while speaking of patriotism on one side of their mouth and socialism/Marxism on the other.

But one thing Hillary did say last night during her speech accepting the nomination to be the Democrat presidential nominee was not only powerful, it was right on point. In fact, many conservatives critical of Donald Trump’s mixed messages have made similar statements.

“Donald Trump say she wants to make America great again. He can start by actually making things IN America again.”

It’s a fact that Trump manufacturers his Trump line of products overseas while being openly critical of companies who do the same or move their headquarters overseas because it made the best economic sense for their business. He talks a big game of bringing jobs back to America when he has workers in foreign countries make his goods rather than Americans.

Prior to the Iowa caucus, Trump spoke to students at Liberty University and said as president, he would force Apple to build their iPhones in America.

We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”

He didn’t say how but then again Trump has never been known for specifics. In addition, he had a punishment plan in mind for Ford for daring to manufacture vehicles in Mexico.

“Trump has similar plans for carmaker Ford, which he once again censured for investing $2.5bn on manufacturing plants in Mexico,” ZDNet writes. “His answer to forcing the auto-maker’s hand on the issue is a new tariff on vehicles made in Mexico, although the plants he referred to in fact make parts, rather than entire vehicles.”

“For every car, truck and whatever else you’re building, you’re going to pay a 35 percent tax every time you bring a car across the border,” he said.

On the very day of Hillary’s acceptance speech, after days of the Democrats just annihilating Trump’s character with one punch after another, Donald Trump once again filed a request with the Department of Labor to bring in 78 guest workers to work at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The H-2 visa applications include requests for 30 waiters and waitresses, 20 cooks, and 15 housekeepers at the Mar-a-Lago Club, Buzzfeed News reports. He requested another seven waiters and six cooks for his golf club in nearby Jupiter.

The jobs he requested pay wages ranging from $10.17 per hour to $11.13 per hour. Trump has made bringing jobs back into America a campaign centerpiece, but earlier reports reveal importing workers is a Trump trend.

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Trump has been in hot water over this hypocrisy before when it was revealed that between 2013 and 2014, he requested HB-2 visas to fill the majority of the 250 seasonal jobs at his resort. Of that 250, only FOUR were filled by Americans.

While Trump has claimed that it is impossible to find Americans to fill such jobs, the career database center in the Palm Beach area has 1,237 Americans listed as looking for specifically that type of work.

Can you imagine if Hillary gets one of those people who was passed over for a job by Trump for a foreign worker in front of a camera for an ad?

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Sure, Trump has thousands of other workers, but you cannot deny the horrible optics of Trump’s hypocrisy in “fighting for the American worker” while having a pattern of passing over American workers for foreigners with HB-2 visas, requested by him and his company for non-skilled positions.

When is he going to stop giving Hillary Clinton ammunition to use against him?

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h/t Daily Caller

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