Trump Lost in the AZ Delegate Race & His Campaign Cried Foul, then this Video was Discovered

On Saturday, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign faced an embarrassing loss at the Arizona GOP Convention. In yet another example of Trump being outworked and outorganized, the Ted Cruz campaign won virtually all of the at-large delegates and basically split the 27 delegates selected by congressional district.

The Trump campaign immediately cried foul. Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer took to Twitter to whine and cry that she was cheated since she failed to get enough votes to be a national delegate for the first time in decades. Nevermind that she claimed on a local news station that she lost on a coin toss fair and square, for the national media the narrative had to be “the system is corrupt!”

A press conference was even held by Brewer and Trump AZ chair, Arizona treasurer, Jeff DeWit threatening a lawsuit. Then, an inconvenient truth was revealed in a video that was taken unbeknownst to them.

The video was revealed by a local Phoenix-area blog, Sonoran Alliance. In the article, the blogger known as the Arizona Informer identified DeWit as the man yelling and the individuals being yelled at for their incompetence as paid Trump local staffers Thayer Verschoor and Charles Munoz. Incidentally, the man yelling was also identified as DeWit to this writer by a local activist familiar with who he is.

DeWit can be heard yelling that he didn’t sleep at all last night. He then said, “You put names on the ballot and you didn’t even know who they are?”

Classic case of incompetence. (Article continues below video.)

This is reminiscent of when the Trump campaign was exposed in Colorado for incompetence when, at the last minute, they produced sheets of supposed pro-Trump people and distributed the to the people at the Colorado caucuses encouraging a vote for them. The only problem was that most of the people on the Trump produced list were not Trump supporters but were known Cruz supporters.

Following their self-inflicted fiasco, the Trump campaign cried foul accusing corruption and wrong-doing, the exact same narrative they are now pushing following their embarrassing loss due to incompetence in Arizona.

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The national media is running with the Trump accusation of “cheating” to deny Trump the nomination but, unfortunately for them, his AZ chair, Jeff DeWit, was caught on tape admitting that the Trump Arizona Team was simply massively incompetent.

I sense a pattern of behavior.

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