Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Billboard Vandalized With Swastikas

Image Credit: FOX 10 - Phoenix

A large billboard near the Phoenix Arizona’s Sky Harbor Airport has been vandalized with swastikas, FOX 10 in Phoenix reports.

“You know, it is one of these things.. there is passion and emotion behind elections, but when people deface signs, they are taking away First Amendment rights when they deface billboards and things like this,” said Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party.

The billboard, prominently displayed on a near a major freeway, reads “TRUMP: Make America Great Again.” And now the entire billboard has been spraypainted over in black to cover the nearly dozen Nazi symbols.

“This is nothing short of cheating to dismantle elections. It is not issue-oriented, no proper decorum or discussion,” said Graham.

Phoenix Police are actively trying to find the person(s) responsible for the act and are hoping that anyone who saw the sign being vandalizing may have taken video with their cell phone and will report it to them.

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