Misogynist Donald Trump on Michelle Fields: ‘I Think She Likes it’ [VIDEO]

Perhaps the reason “Christian” Donald Trump has never asked God for forgiveness, the only Christian in world history to have never done so, is because Trump’s narcissistic ego is unable to admit fault.

Both Trump, and his campaign of thugs, have shown that no matter what he — or any of his supporters — does, no matter how heinous, it will be loudly lied about repeatedly to cover up for themselves. Additionally, along the same lines as the global warming loons, those who fail to repeat the lie are soon the victim of character assassination.

The latest target is Michelle Fields, a 28-year-old reporter who was grabbed so hard on the arm by Trump’s goonish campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, that it left bruises, all caught on video for the world to see.

But who are you going to believe, your eyes or the many lies of Donald Trump? Are you going to believe Donald Trump’s and Corey Lewandowski’s changing story, or the accusation from the Trump chumps that Fields has changed her story, even though she hasn’t?

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Setting aside the original Trump/Lewandowski lie, that the incident did not happen, setting aside the accusation that they originally concocted that Fields made the whole thing up, Trump is now insinuating that Fields somehow is glad the incident occurred because “she likes it.”

Michelle Fields has said from the very beginning of the episode that a simple apology from Lewandowski would have ended it, however, when the campaign instead resorted to character smears against her, and when she was challenged to file a police report to “prove” her case “if it was real” by Trumpbots — pro-Trump talking surrogates masquerading as media — she felt she had no other choice.

Soon after the incident took place, Lewandowski himself called Michelle Fields “delusional” and the campaign, including Trump, began to create the narrative that she was an “attention-seeker,” which is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s “nuts and sluts” campaign against Bill Clinton’s female accusers.

Trump took his gutter attacks against the female reporter one step further on Wednesday, claiming that Fields, who quit her job at Breitbart News (along with five others, including former editor-at-large Ben Shapiro) over their overt pro-Trump handling of the matter, saying that Fields made the whole thing up because “she likes it.”

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The Washington Free Beacon reports (emphasis added):

Donald Trump said Wednesday that reporter Michelle Fields would likely have pressed battery charges even if Corey Lewandowski had apologized for grabbing her “because I think she likes it,” implying she wanted the attention.

On NBC’s Today, hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie asked Trump to explain his stalwart defense of his campaign manager. Lauer at one point resignedly asked if this whole thing would be moot if Lewandowski had apologized in the first place.

“I actually don’t think so,” Trump said. “I think she would have pressed charges anyway because I think she likes it. That’s my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong. If he called up, if he said he’s sorry, I think she would have used that against him … Certainly, if that could have happened, he would have done that, and I wasn’t involved in that … I don’t think anything would have happened. I think we’d be in the same place.”

Meanwhile, Lewandowski was officially charged in Florida, where the rough-up occurred, with simple battery Tuesday by the Jupiter, FL, police.

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