Trump has a New Name for Hillary But is It Effective or Even Original? [VIDEO]

Donald Trump takes great pride in his attempts at clever names for his opponents. When asked by the New York Times how he arrives at these names, Trump bragged, “I feel it. It’s an instinct.” He also said his focus group is done in his own head, that he doesn’t rely on outsiders to help him come up with digs.

Trump has dubbed Hillary “Crooked Hillary” for some time now but he has apparently either tired of it or didn’t think it was taking hold enough. After all, Hillary is although crooked it doesn’t seem like the name is sticking unlike his lie-based “Lyin’ Ted” moniker given to Ted Cruz which stuck even though Trump could never say what he supposedly lied constantly about.

Back in the early 1990s when her serial philanderer husband Bill was running for president, Hillary Clinton used no middle name or maiden name. Suddenly, after he won the presidency, she added on her maiden name and went by “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Despite using that name for years, when Hillary began her own second go round of running for the presidency, the Rodham was dropped once again.

Donald Trump made note of that and not only shed light on it but did a play on words to give Hillary a more fitting full name…..Hillary “Rotten” Clinton.

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Will this be an effective tool with voters? Will it stick like his “Lyin’ Ted” smear which was an unjust character assassination that is still repeated to this day?

Only time will tell but one thing is certain. Although Trump’s latest nickname for Hillary, “Hillary Rotten Clinton,” may be apropos, it is hardly original.

The Great One, conservative talk show legend Mark Levin, has been referring to her as “Hillary Rotten Clinton” since at least 2007.

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