Trump on MSNBC: ‘I Think I’d Be Able to Get Along Very Well With Nancy Pelosi’ and Chuck Schumer

MSNBC QUESTION:  “Donald, instinctively, and you are a person of instinct, a candidate of instinct, what is your instinct about who, right now, on the Democratic side of the aisle, who would you be able to deal with to cut a deal, any kind of a deal? What is your instinct on that?”

DONALD TRUMP:  “Well I think I’m going to be able to get along with Pelosi…I’ve always had a good relationship with Nancy Pelosi. I’ve never had a problem. Reid’s going to be gone. I always had a decent relationship with Reid. Although lately, obviously, I haven’t been dealing with him, so, actually, he’ll use my name as the ultimate — you know — as the ultimate of the billionaires in terms of, you know, people you don’t want. But I always had a great relationship with Harry Reid.

And, frankly, if I weren’t running for office I’d be able to deal with her, I’d be able to deal with Reid. I’d be able to deal with anybody. But I think I’d able to get along very well with Nancy Pelosi and just about everybody. Say look, I think I’ll be able to get along well with Schumer — Chuck Schumer. I was always very good with Schumer. I was close to Schumer in many ways.”

WATCH BELOW from MSNBC interview on Tuesday, January 26, 2016:

h/t:  Red State

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