Trump Open to Cabinet Position for ‘The Greatest Liar That Ever Lived’ [VIDEO]

  • “The greatest liar that ever lived,” Donald Trump on Ted Cruz, May 1, 2016

  • “He really competed hard and tough so I respect Ted,” Donald Trump on Ted Cruz, May 4, 2016

On Sunday, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz of being “The greatest liar that ever lived.” Of course, Trump, who constantly smeared Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted,” without ever being able to specify exactly what he supposedly lied about, literally only three days later, is now saying that he would be open to appointing Ted Cruz to a position in his cabinet should he go on to win the presidency.

On FOX News with Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday, Trump was asked by O’Reilly about the whole “Lyin’ Ted” and why he’s flip-flopping on the label.

“So, I’m a bit confused,” O’Reilly began. “For months, it was ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ now he’s a ‘smart, tough guy.’ What happened?” O’Reilly asked, referring to Trump’s victory speech following his decisive primary win in Indiana on Tuesday.

“Well, I want to be gracious and he was a good competitor — he was a very strong competitor — and it worked out,” Trump replied. “He really competed hard and tough so I respect Ted,” Trump admitted.

Trump went on, when asked, admitting that he would consider Cruz, a “certainly capable guy” for a cabinet position.

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That stunning reversal took a total of 72 hours folks. Allow that to sink in. Trump just revealed that the whole “Lyin’ Ted” smear was based on nothing more than his garbage mouth. But he knew his zombie-like Trumpaloompas would swallow the mantra hook, line, and sinker.

And the sad thing is, they enjoy being lied to and duped, further evidence that they are more involved in a personality cult than a political campaign.


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