Trump Surrogate Plans ‘Protests’ at GOP Convention, Robs the Name From Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

Donald Trump henchman Roger Stone, a lifelong smear merchant and dirty tricks artist who was the only quoted source in the phony sex scandal reported about Ted Cruz in the National Enquirer, is planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in order to pressure and bully the party into nominating Trump even if he doesn’t win the required majority of delegates on the first ballot.

Roger Stone told leftist Buzzfeed via email that he is planning a #DaysofRage, the same name as the “Days of Rage” protests that were led by domestic terrorists and Obama operatives Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the late 1960’s as part of the declared “War on Amerikkka.”

Last month, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump predicted that riots would break out at the July convention, which will be held in Cleveland, if someone other than he was named the nominee.

Unhinged and largely incoherent Trump sycophant Scottie Nell Hughes actually appeared on national television following the prediction, making the outlandish and dangerous statement that “riots aren’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Roger Stone told Buzzfeed that the riots protests will be organized by “Trump nation,” and that the Trump campaign was informed about the plans.

Since the 1860’s, the Republican Party has held that the presidential candidate who obtains the majority of delegates wins the nomination. However, after the first ballot, delegates are then free to support whomever they believe has the best chance of winning the presidency in the general election. Current rules provide that only a candidate who wins eight states during the primary season are eligible for the GOP nomination, meaning that currently only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would qualify.

However, Trump cultists believe that following convention rules, a process that may lead to someone other than Trump who has garnered approximately 37 percent of votes in the primary thus far, means that somehow the election has been “stolen” from their dear leader.

Roger Stone is a regular guest on the Alex Jones where he “issued the call to action.” Alex Jones is a supporter of Donald Trump’s, seeing him as somehow “anti-establishment” even though Trump has spent all of his adult years being the moneybags for the establishment in both parties.

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Matthew K. Burke
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