Drudge Fails to Report on the Top Political Story of the Day; Is This the Reason Why?

On Wednesday, Donald Trump performed one of his greatest and quickest flip-flops ever, which is saying something considering the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor has few if any positions that he has held consistently over any extended period of time. It was widely reported on virtually all political news and commentary websites, and the story shown all over TV news because it was so outrageous.

Yet, if you get your news from the Drudge Report, the influential and massively successful news aggregator that leans conservative, you didn’t hear about Trump flip-flopping on whether women should be criminally punished if abortion were ever made illegal.

From yesterday to today at 12:05 PM ET, Drudge Report, which has become a rabid pro-Trump site, whiffed on linking to Wednesday’s top story of the day. Here’s a screenshot (of what would fit). No mention of the story.

Drudge Report bias


Even Breitbart, whose founder the late, great Andrew Breitbart ironically was no fan of Trump, a site that was accused by employees of being bought and paid for by Trump, reported the Trump flip-flop on abortion, although they used the more kinder and gentler description that he “clarified his comments.”

Trump didn’t “walk back” or “clarify” his comments. He told MSNBC leftist Chris Matthews that women should be legally punished for having abortions, then two hours later, issued a statement saying exactly the opposite, that women shouldn’t ever be punished for having an abortion should it become illegal — that only the doctors who perform the abortions should be prosecuted.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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