Trump Reveals that He Could be a Mass Murderer and his Followers Would Still Support Him [VIDEO]

Donald Trump saying he could murder people and still not lose supporters. Image Credit: YouTube

Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star who is currently the GOP frontrunner for the presidential nomination, has said some outrageous things in the past.

His supporters cheered when he said he would bomb the sh*t out of them. They love it when he spreads lies about Ted Cruz, saying he can’t run for president because he’s not an American citizen. They even laughed it up when he said that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of ‘everywhere’ in a crude reference to menstruation when he attacked her. But, will they continue to stand by the ‘Amazing Mr. Trump’ after hearing this?

At a campaign event in Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday, Trump bragged that he could outright murder people in broad daylight and his supporters wouldn’t care one bit. I kid you not.

“I have the most loyal people, did you ever see that? I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

WATCH for yourself.

Will the sycophantic supporters of Trump excuse this outrageous statement away or will they agree and say he could do no wrong, even if he murdered people in the street?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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