Trump Speaks Out Against Obama’s Attack on Israel; Netanyahu Responds

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

As the Barack Obama regime prepares to leave the White House, they are ramping up their attacks against America’s top ally in the Middle East and the only democracy to exist in that region, Israel.

President-elect Donald Trump, who called Obama out on his failure to veto the anti-Israel resolution by the UN, took to Twitter to once again point out the obvious — Barack Obama has once again given Israel the middle finger, treating them with disdain and disrespect.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Trump’s tweet with a warm message of thanks to the President-elect. He also tagged two of Trump’s children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., on his tweet.

Whatever faults you may view in Donald Trump, it is refreshing to have a president again who will respect our allies rather than attack them as Obama has.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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