Trump Spox Katrina Pierson Makes Confusing Claim About the Dallas Morning News [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News, the top newspaper in Texas, wrote a scathing piece declaring that Donald Trump is no Republican and doesn’t deserve your vote. Most people would probably assume that since it is a newspaper, the DMN editorial board must undoubtedly be a bunch of liberals, right? Well, given the fact that the paper has endorsed the Republican in the presidential race for the last 76 years, or nearly 20 elections, those crying “liberal bias” would be wrong.

But that didn’t stop Donald Trump’s National Spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, from not only attacking the newspaper as liberal but also making a contradictory and confusing claim.

Appearing on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business, Pierson was asked what do they do next after the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News rejected Trump as not being a Republican or a serious candidate and in a subsequent editorial recommended Hillary Clinton for president, acknowledging that doing so was not easy for them. This was the first time since before World War II that they have rejected the Republican nominee.

Pierson’s response was baffling and contradictory.

“We don’t do anything. We just acknowledge that the Dallas Morning News is a liberal paper. The reason why they have supported Republicans is that’s the establishment in the state of Texas and this is just an effort to continue to try to turn Texas blue and it’s just not going to work.

So the Dallas Morning News, according to Pierson, are actually a bunch of liberals who only supported the Republican presidential nominee every election cycle since beforeWorld War II because the Republicans are the establishment in Texas yet at the same time, despite supporting the Republican nominee for 76 years, they are now part of the continued effort to turn Texas blue.




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