Trump-Supporting Businessman Creating ‘Database of Photos of Delegates and Their Families’

Gary Forbes, an influential businessman and the CEO of the Forbes Group, has made it clear that he supports Donald Trump.

That’s great- our republic relies upon passionate discussion of politics.

However, Forbes is no ordinary Trump-supporter. Forbes has been tweeting ominously-threatening tweets in recent weeks that indicate a fullscale effort to recruit thugs to make America great again Donald Trump the GOP nominee.

Today, Forbes called for volunteers to come forward who would be willing to “Stop CO & WY Delegates from Attending GOP Convention.” Both states delegates went for Ted Cruz. How Forbes intends to stop these delegates from attending is not mentioned, but the implications are chilling and the tone is ominous- especially when we consider the many other threatening tweets he has sent out.

Forbes has tweeted-out outright lies and speculative, tinfoil-hat-like conspiracy theories as fact, asserting that there exists a far-reaching conspiracy to deny Trump his supposed right to be the nominee.

However, while Twitter is filled with the rantings of angry political observers, Forbes’ tweets have taken on a more sinister tone lately. A recent tweet’s graphic was made to look like a legitimate newspaper article promising “violent revolution” if Trump does not receive the nomination and another assures that this band of thugs are crafting a database of GOP delegates with photos of them and their family members.

Before one dismisses Gary Forbes as a lone crazy, it should be noted that he has a sizeable social media following and his efforts have even been highlighted by Trump fanatic Ann Coulter. The comments also mirror the promises of Roger Stone, a former campaign adviser and current Trump supporter, who promised to reveal the hotel room numbers of delegates at the convention who dare to defy Trump.

Forbes boasts that his band of thugs includes “aggressive pro-Trump groups including bikers, truckers, unions, support groups, etc.” to keep delegates from attending the convention.

“Find any legal means to see to it that they don’t even make it to the airport,” Forbes writes. “Block streets with traffic jams. Find out their flights and hotels and figure out ways to cancel their tickets and reservations.”

As an aside, I’m not sure that any of the aforementioned means are “legal”…

Forbes has offered deranged comments, assuring that “a sizable group of bikers will be responsible for visiting the homes of party leaders who have defied the will of the people, and the homes of delegates who have not been authorized by the people to vote in the upcoming GOP convention, to hand-deliver letters to all of these leaders and delegates.”

For those delegates thinking of voting for someone other than Trump in the second round, Forbes promised, “Their lives will be ruined.”

Forbes has also issued a manifesto outlining the effort’s method of operation: (emphasis added)

“Compile a detailed database of the highest risk delegates—those who’ve been granted permission from the Republican party leaders, to switch their votes—at will,from Donald Trump to a candidate of their personal choice. The database should include name, home address, telephone #, email, employment address, photos of the delegates and their family members in digital format.

Send a digital photo of the delegate who betrayed us, with photos of their family to The Forbes Group, so that we can expose them as traitors nationally on social media.”

Discard The Word Peaceful…We can begin the movement peacefully, but without the cloud of more aggressive actions hanging over their heads, I doubt anything will change, and they’ll continue to sit back and laugh at how weak and docile we are.”

“Be sure to reach out to all large pro-Trump groups including bikers for Trump, truckers, local working class unions, etc. to show the anger and might of the American people. We want each at-risk delegate, while in Cleveland, to receive urgent phone calls from their families and neighbors, that there is a massive demonstration happening in their front yard, with protesters waving signs that are warning that they not betray us. Keep the demonstrations peaceful, as long as that delegate does not switch his/her vote. This will make them think twice about defying the will of We The People.”

“If the at-risk delegates go ahead and switch their votes, it will be up to the leader of the protest to determine what further actions to take. One way might be to promise them that your group will take whatever legal and lawful steps to see to it that their lives in that community will never be the same. Send a digital photo of the delegate who betrayed us, with photos of their family to The Forbes Group, so that we can expose them as traitors nationally on social media.”

Meanwhile, Trump and his staff accuse the Cruz campaign of conducting thug tactics simply by out-maneuvering The Donald politically and organizing for a second-round plan.

I have long rejected the criticism that Trump is like Hitler. Godwin’s Law is obnoxious and not appropriate in this discussion as Trump is simply popular. Any populist leader can be compared to Hitler. Steve Jobs was an outside-the-box thinker with a zealous following. Was he “like Hitler?” Absolutely not. He had just cultivated a dedicated following.

However, while Trump may not be like the Nazi leader, it is getting harder and harder to escape noticing the similarities between Trump supporters and the SA and the SS.

In his early political career, the SA (the Brownshirts) were organized thugs who would commit violence to silence opposition. Hecklers in crowds would get pummeled. Political opponents became targets.

The SS were protectors of Hitler- a dedicated protection force for the Fuehrer to protect him against alleged conspiracies.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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