Trump Throws Cops Under the Bus While Defending his ‘Spirited’ Thug Campaign Manager [VIDEO]

The manhandling of people by Donald Trump’s thuggish campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, continues.

For some reason, rather than be on or near the stage during a Trump campaign rally in Tucson, Lewandowski was instead mixed in with the crowd of people. One thing we know about the Trump campaign is that they do not like dissent and will use force, insults, and attacks against anyone who says anything or asks any question they do not like. It was no different in Tucson.

In the video below, Lewandowski can be clearly seen grabbing the collar of a protester and pulling him back. (This is reminiscent to his manhandling of Michelle Fields when he grabbed her arm and pulled her seemingly because he didn’t like the question she was asking.)

Initially, Trump seems to make an excuse for Lewandowski’s actions while simultaneously throwing private security, police officers, under the bus. He adds that he approves of Lewandowski being “spirited.”

“Well, you know what, because security at the arena, the police were a little bit lax, and he had signs, they had signs up there that were horrendous, that I cannot say what they said on the sign, but the ultimate word and it was all of the camera, and frankly the television cameras can’t take it and they can’t do anything about it and I will give him credit, spirited.”

Immediately after throwing cops under the bus in defending Lewandowski, Trump then completely changes his story and lies about the incident, as he frequently does. He claims that Lewandowski did not touch the protester insisting that it was someone else, despite camera footage clearly showing that Lewandowski once again accosted someone.

“Now he [Lewandowski] didn’t touch. He didn’t touch him, that was somebody else.”

Lyin’ Trump lies once again as the video clearly shows Lewandowski grabbing the man’s collar and pulling him.

Donald Trump continues complaining about profanity-laced signs, which is laughable given the crude language that Trump uses frequently. But, hey, do as he says, not as he does, right?

He insisted that it was the man to Lewandowski’s left who grabbed the protester’s collar. It turns, out that man also works for Donald Trump as part of his private security detail. The Trump campaign failed to mention this fact in the statement they released following the manhandling of the protester.

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But, don’t worry. Trump once again absolves himself and his team from thuggery and hiding the truth when asked by POLITICO to address the new finding.

When asked why their statement failed to identify the man as one of their own staffers, the campaign replied, “Although we did not identify this individual, we did not make any suggestion as to his affiliation or lack thereof.”

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