Trump Viewed More Unfavorably Than Hillary in New FOX News Poll

A new poll by the virtual Trump Super PAC, FOX News, shows that Hillary Clinton has retaken her lead over Donald Trump and that Trump’s support has fallen a whopping six points since the same May poll which showed Trump with a 3-point lead over Clinton.

More than half of all voters see both candidates unfavorably, with 58 percent viewing Trump negatively, while 56 percent view Hillary, who is under a criminal investigation by the FBI.

Moreover, 48 percent of those choosing Trump said that they would have to “hold their nose” to pull the lever for him, while 37 percent said the same about Hillary Clinton.

Almost two-thirds (62 percent) said that Donald Trump did not have the “temperament to serve effectively as president” while with Hillary is was almost reverse. 60 percent of respondents believed that she has the temperament to be president.

In the area of integrity, neither candidate fared well. Only 38 percent believed that Trump “has the integrity to serve effectively as president” (58 percent said he did not), while Hillary’s integrity numbers were slightly better. Of those responding, 44 percent thought Hillary had enough integrity to be a good president, but 54 percent said that she does not.

In the area of knowledge, Clinton came out far ahead of the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor. Almost three-quarters (71%) thought Hillary “has the knowledge to serve effectively as president, while only 38 percent felt the same way about Trump.

The poll, released Thursday, includes the drubbing Trump has been receiving over racist comments made about an Indiana-born judge in the multi-million dollar Trump University fraud case. During a recent campaign rally, the liberal New York real estate tycoon referred to the judge as a “Mexican” who could not treat him fairly because he wanted to “build a wall.”

Read the full poll results HERE.



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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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