Did Trump Just Walk Back His Walk-Back on Punishing Women for Abortion? [VIDEO]

Donald Trump flip-flopped his flip-flop on punishing women for abortion during a one-hour special edition of Hannity on FOX News Monday night.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump created a firestorm on all sides last week when he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that if abortion were made illegal, then women who get an abortion should be punished somehow. Within two hours, the Trump campaign issued an official statement completely contradicting the bloviating billionaire’s own words, stating that if abortion were made illegal, women should not be punished, but the abortion provider — the doctor — should face prosecution.

But on Monday, Trump, who has displayed a serious character flaw of being unable to admit mistakes, said that his original answer “was not a wrong answer.”

Trump also claimed that “hundreds” of people, including notable Pastor Robert Jeffress, who endorsed Trump, told him that his original answer in favor of punishing women was a “great answer to that question.”

“That was a hypothetical answer that was not a wrong answer,” Trump argued. “And there were other people that wrote me letters and, I mean, by the hundreds, saying, that was a great answer to that question, the way it was phrased.

Of course, it was Donald. Really great. Tremendous!

Well, if it wasn’t a “wrong answer,” then why did his campaign issue a correction? Did they issue the correction because he gave a right answer?

WATCH BELOW( beginning at the 4:45 mark):

h/t: Breitbart

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