Trumpist Katrina Pierson Gives the Most Ridiculous Reason for Trump’s Amnesty Flip-Flop Yet [VIDEO]

Trump spinmeister Katrina Pierson gave another knee-slapper to America on Tuesday, trying desperately to explain away Donald Trump’s flip-flop on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

As nearly everyone realizes, Trump was largely nominated on his supposed hardline stance on illegal immigration, an issue that millions of Americans obviously care very deeply about — especially Trump’s most loyal supporters.

However, Pierson argued on CNN, in an interview with Alisyn Camerota, that Americans don’t really care about immigration, and therefore we should all just move along and accept Trump’s flip-flop, or as he put it, “softening,” and deception on the issue.

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CNN’s ALISYN CAMEROTA: “Let’s try to nail down once and for all where Mr. Trump is on what would happen to the undocumented immigrants who are here because it sounded as of yesterday he was suggesting that he is open to a legal path to citizenship for those 11 million.”

TRUMP SPOKESPERSON KATRINA PIERSON: “Well, what Mr. Trump says is that when it comes down to the end of this ten-point plan, he’ll make a further decision. But first, he wants to make a commitment to Americans to fulfill everything that previous administrations failed to do which is to secure the border and control the flow of immigration.”


CAMEROTA: “The idea that he might be open to legal status…”

PIERSON: “It’s actually not — immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle.”

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If it’s not “a top priority for Americans in this election cycle,” then why–oh–why did Trump make such a gargantuan deal about it, beginning with the very first words of the announcement of his candidacy last year?

Question number two: If Americans truly don’t care about immigration, as Pierson contends, then why is Trump flip-flopping about it?

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