Trumpist Scottie Nell Hughes: Both Candidates Have KKK Ties; Hillary’s are Stronger

Even when she’s not literally going “batshit crazy,” words just don’t always come out right for loyal Trump sycophant and Tea Party opportunist and fraud Scottie Nell Hughes.

Take for example in this appearance on CNN on Saturday. Hughes, who usually is obsessed with the phrase “sit there,” was attempting to defend the object of her undeserving affection — Donald Trump — from the Left’s charges of racism, including the past hot water he got into for pretending not to know who former Klansman David Duke — a Trump supporter –was, and then for taking an unforgivable amount of time to disavow Duke’s support for Trump in an interview last year with CNN.

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To her credit, Scottie Nell Hughes did correctly point out that Hillary Clinton has also received support from the KKK — not past but present — but instead of saying that no candidate, no matter how who they are, can attract a few nutjobs and that they can’t be held responsible for every reprehensible person who follows them, Hughes said that both candidates have “ties,” to the KKK, however, Hillary’s are worse.

Uh um, ties? TIES?

That’s more than a little strong, isn’t it? Just because a KKK racist supports Trump or Clinton, doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate has “ties” to them or their group.

But you wouldn’t know that from Hughes’ “analysis.” For all we can tell by her assessment, both candidates may be either former or current Klansmen (or Klanswomen in Hillary’s case).

But hey, maybe it wasn’t really that bad of an appearance for Scottie Nell Hughes, at least she didn’t admit that her candidate was mentally unstable or anything.


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Matthew K. Burke
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