Trumpist Scottie Nell Hughes: NEITHER Candidate is Mentally Stable [VIDEO]

Either unhinged fast-talking Trump sycophant Scottie Nell Hughes just left the reservation or this is a gaffe of Joe Biden proportions.

On CNN with host Carol Costello on Monday, Scottie Nell Hughes, fresh off of one of her “sit there” rapid-fire word salads on Sunday, admitted that she thinks her candidate is insane (Hillary too, of course):

“Listen, politics makes people go crazy. It’s obvious that the two candidates that we have right now that I… I kind of doubt both of their mental stability to be honest with you.” 

Making matters worse, Hughes said that it takes a “strong person” to go through and handle what both Hillary and Trump have gone through during the campaign, even though she just basically admitted that they are both nuts.

So in addition to mentally unstable, now they’re weak too? Got it.

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Then she seems to congratulate both candidates for being both weak and crazy.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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