Trump Henchmen Announce Plan to Attempt to Destroy Ted Cruz for ‘His Betrayal’

Longtime political dirty tricks operative and Trump henchman Roger Stone and nutjob conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are really, really mad that Ted Cruz spent his speech advancing the constitutional principles of freedom that made America great.

They’re extremely butthurt that Cruz encouraged voters to elect people who will uphold the U.S. Constitution, because apparently, — in their mind — Donald Trump won’t.

And they’re completely unhinged that Cruz encouraged voters to “vote their conscience” because — in their heads — that must mean to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though Cruz spent a considerable portion of his speech annihilating her.

But you see, Ted Cruz, the only senator to consistently stand up to Trump-funded RINO Mitch McConnell, as well as Obama, must be primaried because he did not overtly bow before New York liberal Donald Trump.

It gets even more hilarious. They want Trump’s paid liar and propagandist Katrina Pierson to primary Ted Cruz in 2018 when his term expires!

The Hill reports:

CLEVELAND – Two controversial figures on the right met late Wednesday night over drinks to plot a primary challenge to Ted Cruz, after the Texas senator refused to endorse Donald Trump at the GOP convention here.

Renegade GOP operative Roger Stone said he and InfoWars founder Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, are planting the seeds to ensure Cruz is sent packing from Washington when his first term ends in 2018.
“We’re actively looking for a candidate,” Stone told The Hill.

The Hill asked Stone, a longtime Trump ally and conservative agitator, if he would consider running Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who lost a primary challenge to incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) in 2014.

Wait a minute, boys. Are you telling us Trump won’t win the White House and Katrina Pierson won’t be his press secretary?

Reminder: Pierson got crushed by Pete Sessions , who is no Ted Cruz, and that was back before she sold her soul to the bloviating billionaire.

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They throw out the name of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick into the fray. Patrick, by all accounts a very solid conservative, was a fervent supporter of Ted Cruz’s in the GOP primary and by all accounts, is not a Trumpaloompa. The odds they could recruit him to take on Ted Cruz is somewhere between slim and none.

Good luck, fellas!


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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