Trump’s Massive Ego Just Revealed What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like

The Trump White House. Image Credit: @realDonaldTrump, Twitter

Many people have noted Donald Trump’s massively narcissistic ego, so large and yet so fragile, an ego so inflated it makes Barack Obama’s seem like stoic humble pie.

As Ben Shapiro brilliantly pointed out, in a piece featuring a picture of the White House draped with the Trump logo, unlike Obama’s tyranny which uses the power of government to attack his political opponents, Trump attacks those who do not like him personally. 

If you like Trump, he likes you — period. He doesn’t care if you’re Anthony Weiner or Bill Clinton. He is, as Shapiro put it, a “thin-skinned egotist.”

Trump (again) exhibited his enormous ego on Saturday on his favorite social media platform — Twitter. After a follower tweeted a picture of the White House bearing the Trump logo, the trigger-happy Trump couldn’t help but hit the retweet button:

Here’s an excerpt from Shapiro’s piece that is definitely worth a read:

In an odd way, Trump resembles President Obama. He’s a thin-skinned egotist who identifies his own success with the success of the country. President Obama treats attacks on him as attacks on the United States; he treats personal affronts as national slights. Trump would be the same way. Trump’s less ideological than Obama – Obama sees every conservative as an enemy, while Trump doesn’t discriminate based on baseline ideology. That’s why Trump wouldn’t be an effective conservative egotist.

But he could be effective, if he happens to stumble on the right enemies.

Trump wouldn’t make America great again – he’d make Trump great again, and by his lights, America would follow. So long as Trump temporarily attacks the right enemies, enough conservatives might follow him. But that doesn’t make him trustworthy.

Can you imagine the outrage if Barack Obama, in 2008 or any other time, had tweeted a picture of the White House adorned with his logo on it?

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But yet, Trump supporters, apparently caught up even more so than Obama’s were in a sycophantic “cult of personality,” the very same people who would have seen it as rivaling blasphemy, are totally cool with Trump’s narcissism. They don’t even look the other way — they promote it as being a virtue.

Replacing one constitutionally unhinged narcissist — Obama — with another one — Trump — who as recently as Sunday admitted his allegiance to socialized medicine (government-run health care), is not going to “make America great again.”

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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