Trump’s Surrogates Insist That He’s The Nominee…Because Ignorance

Tune into cable news lately and chances are a Trump surrogate will be on contending that the race for the Republican nomination is over. Trump has won. Cruz and Kasich should pack their bags and go home.

I have not published any opinion thus far regarding Trump. I have friends and family who support Trump and to a large extent, I get it.

Personally speaking, I will vote for the candidate that adheres to conservative ideology, defends the Constitution, is aware of the difference between a Republic and a Democracy, and cherishes Federalism. So yeah, Ted Cruz is my guy.

One issue that I had to extend my two cents on is the vote count concerning delegates during the run-up to the convention and the convention itself.  I believe that the term “presumptive nominee” is a non-starter because of The Rules. Erick Erickson over at The Resurgent recently pointed out that the majority delegate rule is essentially Law.

We have heard it over and over. The nominee must get to 1,237 delegates, or he or she is NOT the nominee. If both Trump and Cruz have less than the required 1,237 delegates going into the convention, then a series of votes commence. The Washington Post sums it up nicely here.

If the mindset of Trump and his surrogates were to be gospel in regards to the nomination process for the Republican Party, the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, would never have been the Republican nominee in the Presidential election of 1860. Ditto for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.

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Donald Trump and his surrogates ought to read up on the 1860 race for the Republican nomination. If Ted Cruz resorted to anything close to what Lincoln’s surrogates conducted during that Convention, Trump would lose his mind entirely and would have to be checked into the nearest psychiatric center. Paul Manafort would most likely drink an entire 750ML bottle of single-malt Scotch, call it a day, and go back to representing African dictators.

It’s 1,237, or it’s a rumble on the floor in Cleveland.

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Alex David
Alex David
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