UPDATED: Dallas Police Chief Says One Suspect ‘Wanted to Hurt White Officers’

Image Credit: KSFW Dallas (Screenshot via FOX News)

Please check the bottom of this story for timely updates as this tragic story is ongoing and developing. Facts have changed from the original report.

Several news outlets are reporting that the communist front group Black Lives Matters have shot nine innocent police officers during riots the black supremacist group was holding in Dallas on Thursday evening.

FOX 4 News reports:

A police source says at least 3 – 6 officers have been shot. Their conditions are not known.

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. as the protestors were marching near Lamar and Main St.

SWAT officers are on scene and guns have been drawn near the building.

CNN reports that three officers are dead, two are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. The status of the ninth officer is not known.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group funded by anti-American leftist billionaire George Soros in order to cause destructive racial strife in America.

It was founded based upon a lie — that Michael Brown — a criminal thug shot by police after violently attacking an innocent police officer, had his “hands up” and was shouting “don’t shoot,” a claim disproven by eye-witness accounts.

Professional racial grievance industry profiteers like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder have been promoting this kind of random acts of violence against innocent police officers for several years.

They must be secretly smiling tonight.

This incident is active and ongoing as of 11:33 PM ET, and additional information will be added as necessary.



UPDATE at 11:44 PM ET: According to Chief Brown from the Dallas Police Department:

“Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally.

Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition. An intensive search for suspects is currently underway. No suspects are in custody at this time. We ask that any citizen with information regarding the shootings tonight call 212-671-3482. 

We will provide more information once it is available. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tonight.” 

UPDATE at 12:14 AM ET: Dallas PD now states that there are 11 police officers shot.

CNN reports that the following individual may be a suspect:

UPDATE at 12:40 AM ET:  Dallas police has announced that one suspect is now in custody (man in above picture).

They have also raised the death total to four dead police officers.

There is a suspicious package at the location in downtown Dallas being investigated as a possible bomb.

UPDATE at 01:07 AM ET: DPD now reporting that two potential suspects are now in custody. Thank God Texas has the death penalty.


Statement by Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

UPDATE at 01:39 AM ET: Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown announced that they are “negotiating” with one of the suspects on the second story of a parking garage where police have exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

The suspect told him that the “end is coming” and that there are bombs planted “all over the place in this garage and in downtown.

“We still don’t have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects,” Brown said at 12:35 AM Dallas time. He revealed that he believes there were at least four people working together.

UPDATE at 02:50 AM ET:  Kelly Wright of FOX News reports that an additional police officer has died as a result of the cowardly killing spree. This brings the total dead cops to five.

UPDATE at 03:50 AM ET:  FOX News affiliate, KFDW, Channel 4 out of Dallas reports that the holed-up suspect who had exchanged gunfire with police has been pronounced dead from a self-inflicted wound.

UPDATE, 7/8, at 09:29 AM ET:  Dallas police chief announces that one of the suspects said he wanted to “hurt white officers” and claimed to not be a part of any particular group.

Police Chief David Brown said that a robot with a bomb was ultimately used to stop one of the suspects. Brown said the DPD “saw no other options” after hours negotiations failed.

UPDATE, 7/8, at 10:21 AM ET:  DART has identified its fallen officer as 43-year-old Bret Thompson, a newlywed who married a fellow officer just two weeks ago.

UPDATE, 7/8, at 11:28 AM ET: A racist black supremacist group, the “Black Power Political Organization” (BPPO) has taken credit for the murder of five Dallas police officers. Read more here.

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