Two Presidents, Two Very Different Independence Day Messages

An interesting picture began circulating around Facebook yesterday. It was a snapshot comparing Barack Obama’s Independence Day message to that of his predecessor, George W. Bush. I’m not saying that Bush was the perfect president. He had his faults with “abandoning his free market principles to save the free market” and other issues. But as far as messaging goes on America’s day of Independence, this is an interesting comparison.



Team Obama is very savvy and intense on social media. So, to have such a brief message on the day that celebrates America’s independence is very telling.

If you think this was a one time thing from last year, then check out this comparison.

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Just take a look at these side by side pictures of the last two years.



After all the fanfare and hoopla that Barack Obama spent, said, and did to “celebrate” the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage, including lighting the White House, the People’s House contrary to what he believes, up in rainbow colors, this is the best he could muster?

Year after year it is obvious to see who truly cares about his country and who is just living in it….

For shame.

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