TYPICAL: MSNBC’s Spin on Violent Anti-Trump Protests Will Make You Sick

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On Thursday, violent, intolerant hateful Leftists attacked Trump supporters who were simply trying to get to a Trump rally in San Jose. The state that typically welcomes illegals with open arms, while forcing its legal residents to open their wallets, did not have the same open-mindedness towards Donald Trump and his supporters. In the case of Trump, these sick Leftists, many who often protest wrapped in a Mexican flag, want to shut down his rallies and will use any and all means to do so, including violence.

We have witnessed these Leftist anarchists disrupt society by blocking streets and bullying people at Trump rallies before. At a recent rally in New Mexico, they attacked man in a wheelchair and threw rocks and bottles at police and horses. The violence done by these anti-Trump protesters seems to escalate as the campaign season progresses, which makes how MSNBC described the violence in San Jose even more vile and disturbing.

Many people, men and women, were assaulted by these Leftists. They were hit with punches, had rocks thrown at them, and were pelted with eggs. Many were bloodied after being surrounded by a group of Leftists in the mob.

In typical fashion, however, Obama’s favorite LEAN FORWARD network, MSNBC, provided cover for the violence. The same Democrat Media Complex that referred to the peaceful, pro-freedom, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement, who would leave areas more clean than they found them after their rallies, refuses to acknowledge or call out these Leftist mobs.

An MSNBC commentator, as the attacks were happening and Trump supporters were bleeding due to the attacks, had the gall to say, “This crowd so far is not extremely violent.”

Oh, I get it. “Moderate violence,” whatever the heck that is, by a Leftist is okay and MSNBC will determine what level of violence is acceptable. Though they referred to the Tea Party, which never had an incidence of violence, as “potentially violent,” they tend to refer to violent Leftists gathered in protest as “mostly peaceful.”

MSNBC continued to carry the water for these thugs by framing their violence in a ridiculous manner, and they got called out for it on Twitter.

FOX News contributor  and Townhall political editor Guy Benson reminded everyone how MSNBC attempted to push the narrative that the Tea Party movement was violent and racist to the point that they selectively edited a video.

Numerous other people chimed in, and rightly so.

By providing cover for the violence by these anarchist Leftists, MSNBC is condoning their actions.

Shame on them.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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