TYRANNY ALERT: Confederate Flag-Wavers INDICTED Under ‘Anti-Gang and Terrorism’ Legislation

A disappointing characteristic of our legal system in America is that laws are often contorted to achieve political ends. Anti-discrimination laws that are good in theory are currently being used to oppress Christians who have discriminated against nobody, but have simply declined to engage in business relationships that will force them to violate their religious beliefs.

The slippery-slope is not only obvious, it’s here.

Now, a district attorney for a suburb of Atlanta has twisted an anti-gang and terrorism statute to indict 15 white males for their role in a verbal altercation as they proudly displayed their Confederate flags.

Members of a group called “Respect the Flag” reportedly paraded their patriotism with American, Gadsden and Confederate flags in an apparent push-back against the nauseating cultural jihad that has occurred with the left dutifully crusading against all things Confederate.

On July 25th, 2015, the group drove past a group of black people at a park and the two parties exchanged words. The group of black partygoers assert that the flag-waving group made threats and brandished weapons, though accounts appear to differ wildly on what, exactly, they brandished.

Part of the altercation was caught on camera and though the woman asserts that she was threatened, no actual threat could be heard on the audio. Reportedly, black partygoers yelled at the trucks as they passed and some even chucked rocks at the trucks. However, no indictments have been sought for those who allegedly threw rocks at cars. The main area of focus for the district attorney appears to be the words used by the flag-wavers and not the rocks thrown.

15 members of the flag-waving group were indicted under a loose construction of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, a piece of anti-gang legislation that, according to authorities, was “worded very broadly to deal with any type of activity that occurs with a group that’s organized that commits a crime.”

MSN reports,

The anti-gang law defines a “criminal street gang” as “any organization, association or group of three or more persons associated in fact, whether formal or informal,” that engages in or conspires to commit a defined set of serious criminal acts. The law gives prosecutors numerous ways to define the existence of a gang, including sharing signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti or “common activities.”

So, in essence: any group of three or more who really do anything. If you and your friends jaywalk in Atlanta, be careful.

According to MSN, several legal scholars have claimed that they have never heard of such a thing as stretching the confines of an anti-gang statute to indict protesters.

Ronald L. Carlson, a law professor at the University of Georgia, claimed that it’s likely that attorneys for the accused will file pre-trial motions to dismiss the charges by claiming that charging the participants as a gang is quite a stretch and not in keeping with the intent of the legislation.

The district attorney should just admit what is happening; this group is a group of political activists and their message is unpopular to some. Rather than engage in meaningful discourse, the authorities have decided to use the law as weapon to send a message to others who would support the Confederate flag.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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